You Should Write a Book


Can we be friends?  Are we already friends?  We can be, just don’t get weird about me blogging, ok?  Deal? Because this mess is like fight club.  It has a rule #1 that you should all be super aware of when approaching me at IGA or when you see my kids at daycare.

Ok, I’ll start again.  FRIENDS!!!  I’m so excited to be making public posts on a public blog into public internet!  I’ve been a closet blogger since 2008, when I first started writing about all the unbelievable things that were happening to me as a first year History teacher.  Then I totally neglected that mess to have a kid.

Life was amazing.  I was a naive little mama who thought she had the worlds smartest baby (I did. He’s proven us right) so I started up another blog to remember all the good stuff like first smiles and cute baby outfits.  And also to look back on that time he exploda-pooped all over the recliner.  I wanted to never forget that balance.

I had a few more kids, blogged about them, and then got sucked into “I HAVE THREE CHILDREN 4 AND UNDER AND LAUNDRY THAT NEEDS TO BE PUT DOWN.  I CAN’T BLOG ANYMORE!!!”  so I stopped.  Plus I had a whopping 3 followers.  All of whom I was already sending texts to throughout my day.  I find great joy in keeping up with what my children tell me, what our daily life is like, and dodging laundry like it’s my job via Facebook.  That gives me the perfect reason to get started on blog #4. *Sidenote- no.3 was a kind-of-might-still-happen baby step towards what Pat wants to do when he grows up.  Even he realized how time consuming dreams can be, so we’ve put those on hold while we tread water in laundry.)

Seriously! Have you ever named a blog and bought the domain?  It was easier and felt like less commitment than when we named our children.  And we’ve given our children A LOT of names!!! So I should know.

Anyway, just wanted to welcome you, officially, to me grabbing the horns of all those “you should write a book” comments that keep making their way towards us.  Maybe my baby step is the blog.  Yeah, I think I’ll just start here.  Check back often, click the follow button, and become an honorary member of our pack.  It is pretty wild, after all.


PS I also have a terrible habit of titling things and never tying it into my story, using loads of parentheses/quotation marks/exclamation points, and oversharing.  It is my gift to you.



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