It’s a word.  Look it up.

I even know adults who get it wrong.  #truth

We partied at daycare/work on Thursday because of a winter holiday, so the current situation at home sounds something like this:

“Can I have a Valentime sucker?”


“Can I open that pack of tatoos I got?”


“Can we use those new paints somebody gave us to paint on your flowerpot outside”?


It’s only been two days since the parties ended FYI.

I have a very strong feeling that most of what they brought home will make its way to my candy bucket in my classroom, and all the other stuff will be forgotten in a week.  Or until they run across it again in the playroom after a wild afternoon of “I DIN’T KNOW WE USEDED TO HAVE THESE THINGS!”

IMG_20160212_131754We spent the morning out and about, but when we got home, we had a nice surprise.  Hank and MH both thought Eli brought them balloons until I read the cards for them.

Margaret Hannah even said “Eli’s the only oned that ever bringed us balloons from the flowershop!”

No Eli sightings this year.  Just a few things from their daddy.  He used to work at the same flowershop and I NEVER got stuff for Valentines Day.  I’m not a roses kind of girl, but I’m so not above a chocolate apple.  He didn’t forget this year.20160212_152244Sister had a really hard time with a nap today.  Instead, she drew me waldermountians in her stunna shades.  She’s going places, I just know it.

20160212_151202And then Amos woke up.  Every time we walk into the house or get up from sleep, it’s like the pantry has a magnet drawing them towards it.  All three of them stand in the doorway gazing at nothing, then they start screaming about how hungry they are.

I tried to solve that problem with a basket they can reach full of the things they can eat.

It was a waste of time.

They only like those foods on the 3rd Thursday of every other month it seems like.  But those corn chips no one but me eats seemed like the PERFECT thing today. Most of them ended up in the garbage bag box., and I’m over it.

I let the dog clean them up.  That’s why we have her, of course.


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