Car Concert

I’ve decided I’m an amazing singer.  I just want to put that out there.

My taste in music is kind of stuck in college.  I just can’t shake Ray LaMontange  or the Continuum John Mayer album.  I force my children to learn the words to songs like Banana Pancakes and Eric Hutchinson’s Rock & Roll because, well, I can.  And I will NOT change the radio to accommodate them.  Tough Love is real in our pack.

That’s partly because I vividly remember my mom getting ready in the mornings to a K T Oslin record or always needing to listen to John Secada in the car.  I turn up the volume to Dangerously Loud for those songs when they come on the radio now.  Such good memories come from belting out High Enough by Damn Yankees on a ride to the beach.  It’s only fair my children be able to do the same when I play Clay Walker circa 1994.

I’d like to think what I listen to is really eclectic, but right now, I’m LIVING for Adele.  I sound EXACTLY like her in my vehicle.  And today, I got caught.

I had an appointment with my OB today 45 minutes away, so I had a lot of time to really warm up my vocal chords.  I enthusiastically worked my way through Tennessee Whiskey while I waited for my chicken sandwich from Chic-fli-a, and then it seemed like I caught every red light on the way home.  But it was ok.  My spoitify was on point.

Polynesian sauce in hand, I couldn’t get enough of Justin Bieber’s Sorry when it came on.  I noticed an older man in a white truck next to me straight up gawking while I was waiting for one of those lights to turn, but deter me it did not.  I got louder and more enthusiastic as the song went on, and I looked over one more time before passing the same guy and he clapped for me.

I’m counting this as an audience who left feeling like I’d given them my all. I have a feeling he’s still singing “Is it too late now to say sorry? Cause I’m missing more than just-a your body” under his breath, even now.

‘Cause I’m that good.


3 thoughts on “Car Concert

  1. Every night when I sing “didn’t leave nobody but the baby” and “down to the river to pray” to the kids, I just know that Emmylou Harris and Alison Krauss need me to be a member of their vocal clique. Now after reading this post I’m inspired to spend less time listening to NPR in the car and more time with the Biebs and Adele! Hey let’s start a band!


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