Margaret Hannah Fay Ferrell.  Born July 17, 2012, after only a handful of hours in legit labor.  This one gave me enough courage and strength to do an epidural free birth.  That ring of fire aint no joke either, guys.  We had dinner at my mom’s the night before she was born, and I had this really strange feeling that we should just leave Hank there in case we had to leave in the middle of the night.

Pat and I settled in around 8.  He was asleep in no time, and I was just a mess because I felt like I’d abandoned my first born.  That was literally the first time he’d been away from us, bar a gallbladder attack when he was just 9 weeks old.  Plus I was totally in labor, I just didn’t fully know it.

By 10:30, I was telling Pat it was time to load up for the 45 minute drive to the Hospital we use.  By 7 the next morning, sister was here!  She blew our minds with how dark her hair was, especially since Hank’s was as light as it was when he was born. We laughed at how this girl was for sure gonna cement everyone’s thoughts I’d been unfaithful with Hank.  You know, seeing as how he looks NOTHING like either one of us.

By now, you know we do like big names and we can not lie.  Everyone has family names, and I don’t care that you don’t “get it.”  This kid got saddled with a double name, God love her, and I don’t think it could suit her more.2012-07-17_13-41-02_4This stink face maker has had us laughing from the beginning.  We had to spend a little more time than normal in the hospital with her because of a jaundice issue, so I was in full on nervous wreck state because I couldn’t wrap my head around what we’d done to change the family dynamic.  Like, was this going to hurt Hank to have a sister?  No. Was I going to have enough room in my heart for her? Duh! How was I going to make it work with 2 kids only 21 months apart?  I just did.

I just wanted to be home with all my people.  I couldn’t take being in the hospital another second.  We broke free of that baby tanning bed, she put on a few grams of weight, and we rode off into the sunset.

Then she started showing us who she really is.

IMG_20130720_172128_187While I was still pregnant with her, we told Hank what her name would be and what 20 month old CAN say Margaret Hannah?  He coined Marnana all on his own, and it stuck.

Like the mispronunciation of Ferrell, Marnana seems to give people a lot of trouble.  The first thing some struggle with is accepting that we did in fact give her a double name.  We call her by BOTH Margaret and Hannah, except it’s all one name.  Like Mary Ann or John Luke.  Margaret Hannah.

Then comes the Marnana part.  It’s Mar-Nana.  A lot of people throw in the entire Hannah part to get Marhannah.  That’s not it.  Just Marnana.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to call you out on it unless you refuse to call her both names, but I will make a blog post about how hard it is for people to figure out what we’re calling this sassy pants.IMG_20140419_161348She really likes sunglasses.  She’s got a good dozen pair or so that she refuses to leave on her face for any amount of time.  She won’t let me dress her in stuff like that picture any more because she’s got that stink eye I was telling you about.

My friends are all up in the Matilda Jane world, and we’re over here like “nope, gotta throw away that Old Navy shirt since you’ve made it unsalvageable.”IMG_20140607_170705She really loves her daddy, too.  Trusts him with her life, and would rather be in the shed with him than in the kitchen with me.

She’s not too in to swimming, but she is all about “watch me” twirl around this handrail/throw me in the air/hand me my new sunglasses so I can sunbathe. 20151010_074353She’s been working super hard on growing hair and not wearing clothes most of her 3 years on this Earth.

We like to call her Bill Murray circa What About Bob because of this current hair style.

It suits her.

20151113_074733To be so tiny, she’s got a lot to say.  She never hesitates to let us know how she feels about something.

Example: That’s a sweatshirt I wore when I was three.  The first day she was able to wear it was supposed to be exciting and neat and junk.  I mean, that shirt’s 28 years old.  How cool that my own daughter was going to get to wear it, right?

Until she told me the only way she’d wear it was as long as it wasn’t ugly or smelled funny.  With her Bill Murray hair and half-eaten toast.20151025_084324She likes tennis.

20150920_144059And she loves her brothers!  She keeps them in line, always knows where Amos put his pacifier, and lets Hank control the Netflix suggestions.

She doesn’t always play fair, and I guess that’s ok.  I didn’t grow up with siblings, so I’m always in awe at how loud and violent it can get in such a short amount of time.  Pat swears they’re doing really well at the sibling game because they haven’t started shanking each other like he and his brother used to do.

When we told them we were having another baby, Hank told me he had been knowing for a long time I had one in my belly, and she straight up said “It better not be no sister.”  Then when we had our anatomy scan and confirmed it was another boy, she was beside herself that she gets to be the only girl.

If anyone is up for the job, it’s this pistol.20151124_181829She takes good care of her boys.  She lets them watch Cops with her, gets them to do her bidding, and is the best little mama hen I know.  I think Shakespeare’s quote “Though she be but little, she is fierce” is everything she stands for.  Oh, she’s the best, for sure.


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