He’s still growing and stuff, so his actual post won’t come until May, but I figured you’d like to know a little bit about him at this point.

Since you’re reading my blog and all.

While I was pregnant with Hank, I kept up with EVERYTHING.  What size he was, what week I was in, how much longer I had to go.  By this go-round, I just know I’m pregnant.  I really do enjoy being pregnant, bar that whole exhausted/can’t bend over/can’t find a comfortable position stuff that goes along with it.  Otherwise, I don’t think I would have been able to keep being pregnant.

How’s this for perspective?  I’ve been expecting a child or nursing one (minus about 6 months) since December, 2009.  My body has let me know I should live it up this time. Soak up all the baby kicks, and alien belly, and maternity pants moments I can because I’m not sure how many more I’ve got left in me.

I’ve felt like this was a girl almost since the beginning.  Except it’s not.  He’s a boy.  No question.  In the back of my mind, I knew Pat and I weren’t totally on board with the boy name, and I thought maybe that was a subconscious way of my body saying it really was a girl.

At my last visit, I had a concern about having possibly had Listeria, and that earned me a free ultrasound.  That sweet technician didn’t outwardly act insulted.  Instead, she just took a few extra scans of the parts that do in fact belong only to a boy, and  I left with a peace that Margaret Hannah would get to stay the only girl, Hank & Amos would get to add another brother to their world, and that Pat and I would now have 4 children.

But that still leaves his name up in the air.  Before we had the original anatomy scan right before Christmas, the kids had decided the names we should choose from were Tobago JohnandMichael (that’s one name FYI) or Evelyn Tinkerbell.

Hank said if it was a girl, he knew her name was supposed to be Evelyn.  We don’t know any Evelyn’s.  Never come across one at all.  But Hank SWORE he knew her name was supposed to be Evelyn.  Peter Pan is also a huge hit in our home, so Tink is a no brainer.

He’s also the one who gave us Tobago.  As in Trinidad and Tobago.  He ran into the kitchen and said he’d just seen on Booze Travelers from the Travel Channel that they were visiting Tobago and that was the PERFECT name for this kid.   I couldn’t believe he’d been watching a show like that (turns out it was just a commercial) but Tobago did have a nice ring to it.  Again, JohnandMichael is another Pan reference if you didn’t already know.

So we’ve been on the Tobago Train for a few months now.  Number 4’s name is actually Harold Porter Brown Ferrell.  We’ll call him Porter, but we can’t let Tobago go just yet.  The kids have NO IDEA that his name is anything other than Tobago, so for now, that’s what we tell everyone.  And don’t you go telling them any different, OK?

Naming kids is no joke.  Imma go ahead and let you know that you can keep your opinion to yourself about what we’ve named any of our kids.  I know, I know!  I’ve squinted my eyes a time or two at baby names I’ve heard, but I’ve never told another mom she should just leave the naming of all the babies to me.  Be mindful before you want someone to know what you really think about any child’s name.  It’s not about your thoughts, this time.

Mama Rant coming to an end, promise.  But seriously, if I wanted to let a child that came from my body walk around the Earth with a name like Tobago, I totally would.

Instead, we will now be living with old lady Margaret, Hank Jr, Amos Moses, and Porter Wagner. How much more fun could it be?


5 thoughts on “HPBF

  1. I love that name!!!! You won’t hear any bad things from me about your name b/c I love them all!!! Now, I may steal the idea of using some family maiden names. That is the neatest thing ever (Brown)!!! Now, I may hit you up in a month or two to help me write out a few name options…b/c I only have one boy name and one girl name. Any other combination of babies is going to leave them “nameless”.

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  2. I personally love all the names! In my opinion the only unforgivables are Brittany, Stephanie, Tiffany…and any other names that might possibly be found in lights at a gentleman’s club.


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