Just Call me Ree

I dominate in the kitchen. I’m just gonna be honest.

I regularly make amazing, labor intensive dishes like tacos, and spaghetti, and wait for it… turkey sandwiches.  Sometimes I get really ambitious and watch the videos all over my Facebook feed from the various food pages that are so in right now.  I’m pretty partial to anything that can be made in a crockpot, be a menu item for all the brunch events I host, and dessert with 4 ingredients or less.

A few weeks ago I made some french toast roll up things that were amazing.  They took entirely too long to assemble, so I’m saving them for big breakfast events that happen never every now and again, or for when the kids are older and can be trusted to not slip a booger in the food.

My latest favorite is this diabetic coma from Buzzfeed Food


Basically, you just spread out cookie dough, slap some caramel and chocolate chips on it, then top it with another sheet of cookie dough.  Bonus points for topping it with ice cream.

I made it after lunch today and had to pry myself from it.  I’ve never been one to struggle with food issues or lament over my weight, but give me a dessert option and I’m probably not going to turn it down.  I mean, chocolate (and Jen Hatmaker) is my spirit animal, I’m pretty sure.

While my version didn’t turn out quite as photogenic as Buzzfeed’s did, it still ate just fine.  I didn’t have a skillet big enough (or even one that had ever been used haha!) to put it in, so I settled for my trusty pyrex from 1975.


And honestly, when put side-by-side with Buzzfeed’s version, it doesn’t look that far off.

Just holler if you need me to bake something amazing for you.  I can even pretend to do it on my cattle ranch while Ladd and the kids muck out the stalls.


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