Easter Prep

Easter is early this year, so I’ve gotta step up my prep game.  I’m HORRIBLE at getting outfits/baskets/eggs/bunny junk all together in a timely manner for this holiday for some reason.  It just sneaks up on me every year.

I’m trying to be extra ready.  We decided to do a Cousins Easter with some of our favorites this year, so that’s exciting.  Then there’ll be the Church Egg Hunt & Services that will technically be the first one the kids have participated in.  Hank went pro at egg hunting at a church we previously attended, but we left when he was 2 and remembers none of it.  Then we started regularly going to a church an hour away from home.  There were limitations to how involved we could be, so we never participated in any of the events they had.

Not this year.

We’re doing it right.  By the Lord and that sneaky rabbit.

And I can’t wait.

Until I’m back with a post about how great the Brown Cousin Easter Event was, I thought I’d show you what we HAVE managed to make a tradition for this time of year.  Easily one of my favorites, too!

Every spring, I ‘m constantly stalking  keeping an eye out for when Heather Newman posts her mini session flyer.  We haven’t missed a year since 2012.  The biggest reasons for this are 1. Aint nobody (with little children) got time for anything more than 30 minutes of trying to get a picture 2. The prices can’t be beat & 3. Real baby animals that were sent from the Lord to withstand too-tight hugs and eye pokes from toddlers all around Covington County.DSC_5244DSC_5218DSC_5214

Hank’s first year, he had to be plied with enough smarties to make an adult sick just to get a handful of shots.  And those cheeks! I can’t even handle all the cheeks.

2013 was Margaret Hannah’s debut to the hold-a-lamb-and-say-cheese club.

She lasted an entire 8 minutes before she threw herself from the little paver she was sitting on and let us all know she was Over. It.

2014 will forever be remembered as the year of the attitude.  I think one of my most favorite family cards I’ve ever sent out came from this batch.  Couldn’t have captured the truth with these 2 any better for sure!

2015 was Amos’s first experience.  I was super pregnant with him when we did 2014’s pictures, so when it finally was his turn, he hated it with his entire being.  This was also the first year that there were so many of us it was cheaper to pay the “family price” than per child. We managed to get that family shot you see as my blog header.

Hank decided he was going blind and refused to open his eyes.  Like, the kid literally lamented all around Heather’s barn that his eyesight was leaving him because it was too bright.  We couldn’t point it out enough to him that hazy and overcast does not equal too bright.  Didn’t matter.  Joker shaded or squinted his eyes in almost ever picture he took.  Margaret Hannah was mad the bunny wouldn’t stay still, and Amos couldn’t decide if he was ok being that close to the flower pots or not.

11132079_10100886253388352_1796467062_o11096859_10100886253138852_2129878241_o11159184_10100902158803772_223658452_o11132178_10100886253039052_2083455169_oI can’t wait to get this year added to the bunch.  And stink eye or not, I know Heather will be able to capture exactly who we are!


*All photos taken by Heather Miller Newman from Newman Photagraphy *


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