I Cooked

Last Wednesday night I just couldn’t deal.

Tuesday night was lots of bad weather, it was a long day at work inside because it got cold again, and there were dishes in the sink AND dishwasher.  So I threw down a mom card and said “We’re going to see daddy!” which is code for “We’re going to eat supper in the town he works in.”

I texted Pat my options and in true form, he picked the one I didn’t want, but we loaded up for the 15 minute drive to his office, and I was able to breathe again.

Sometimes adulting is overwhelming.

But not at Zaxby’s, or Zaxbeefs according to the kids.20160224_173615.jpgI didn’t have to wash their dishes, pick up the little pieces of toast Margaret Hannah left all over the seat, or wipe the squeeze pack of apricots and mangoes off the table.




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