Picky Eaters

I have 3 so far.

Four if you count me.

I have the appetite of a 6 year old usually.  It’s more of a texture thing than anything else, but I’m not totally opposed to trying SOME new stuff.  Except lettuce.  Stop forcing that crap on me.  It’s never going to stop tasting like watery grass and disappointment.

I know for a fact THAT food aversion comes from the many many times I’ve had a piece stuck inside anything I ever order from Taco Bell. 1 Crunchy Taco no Lettuce, 1 Chicken Chalupa no lettuce or tomato, and a side of cheesy fiesta potato bowl is a fool proof way to ensure a little shredded iceberg makes it way to my mouth.  And it makes me mad enough to throw away every piece of food each time it happens.  I don’t.  But if I was all about food waste and damaging the environment *cough* then I totally would.

I also hate beans.  I just need to let you know.  Any type of bean, or pea even. I can tackle a ziploc bag full of Jimmy’s best boiled peanuts like a champ, but put a single bean in my chili, and I’ll cut you.   That texture cannot be covered up with any amount of ham hocks or BBQ sauce.  I don’t want none of your Memaw’s zipper peas, and no, I will not taste the soup you made that has lima’s, butters, AND kidney’s in it.  Heck to the Nawl.

So it’s not really that surprising that my children aren’t adventurous eaters.  It makes Pat mad.  Partially because he is forced to eat a lot of the same type of stuff, and also because we never have vegetables other than corn, squash, potatoes, or carrots around.  Unless I’m feeling super brave and make something with eggplant or sweet potatoes (with enough cinnamon, brown sugar, and pecans, DUH!) we pretty much stay in the safe zone.

Hank was a huge fruit eater when he was little.  Any and every kind, he was all about it.  Now, if it’s not an apple or the occasional orange slice, count him out.  You can safely say all vegetables are off his radar now unless it’s a potato.  Turkey, cheese, pizza, ketchup, rice, the usual suspects are all that seem to be fueling his little body right now.  Oh, and yogurt and granola.

They ALL love yogurt.  If it weren’t for yogurt, they might starve.  And muffins.  They all really like muffins.

When my nieces and nephew were little they ate olives and cherry tomatoes like candy.  They would eat huge, colorful salads, and sushi, and chicken salad and junk.  And I was jealous.  I really do want to eat adult foods.  Promise.  I just don’t have it in me, yet.  Neither do my children, not surprisingly.

Margaret Hannah is the bravest of them all when it comes to palate.  She’ll at least eat pickles and sausage.  Wild, I know.  She’s also good with grapes and bananas every now and again.  She’ll take on a helping of any kind of peas and eggs, too.  The boys would rather eat dirt.

And then sweet Amos.  It’s easier to list what he will eat since it’s pretty short:

Nutragrain Bars, poptarts, bananas, gummy snacks, ritz crackers, spaghetti, rice & potatoes (but only the daycare kind), oatmeal, muffins, raisins, cookies, cake, ice cream.

Yeah, that about gets it all.  Oh! And veggie straws. He’ll eat his weight in those if given the chance.

I sneak a lot of things into his yogurt and the spaghetti, but he’s catching on.  Blueberries used to be a hit, but now he just starts screaming about balls in the yogurt cup and spits them on the table.

All the mama folk I talk to say it gets better some.  Even the pediatrician isn’t concerned right now.  It’s just that neither of the others were this limited at this age with what they would eat.

Plus, I need to whine for a sec.

It gets pretty tiring having to pack a bag of things he’ll eat when we go somewhere.  A round of chicken nuggets for all, and I’ve got to be sure he’s got a handful of raisins and a squeeze pouch or three to hold him over while we eat.

I also am over being a short order cook.  Dinner tonight looked like Shepard’s Pie for Pat and me, a leftover hamburger and a slice of pizza for Hank, spaghetti for Amos, and bread sticks and rice for Marnana.  And for some strange reason, they all thought they deserved a round of Oreos for eating so well.

Maybe one day we’ll grill huge bell peppers and eat a pie with strawberries on it or something.  Or not.  We’ll just settle for a meal we can all eat with no variations.  I won’t hold my breath.



3 thoughts on “Picky Eaters

  1. I don’t consider myself to be a picky eater at all, and I will try most things, but I am am super weird about texture, also. Part of my initiation into the lovely Torrento family was the “trick Sarah into eating cow heart and tongue disguised as a delicious taco.” Raul never should have told me what I actually ate.

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  2. So we can change up the menu for the first annual BROWN-FERRELL easter egg get together. Can we have shirts made like a reunion, well ours will be a skinny family tree, so basically just a branch will do for the background.


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