Things I Hate

Hate is a bad word in our house and at the daycare.  We don’t say it.  Ever.

But, I’ve got a handful of things that are currently making my blood boil.

I’ll start with the easy stuff.

1.Rude people.  Ain’t not body got time for your bad attitude.  It will not kill you to be kind.  All the time.  Matter of fact, it’d probably end all the bad stuff going on in the world if you’d just be nice.  Mind your manners and think of others as much as possible.

2.Student Loans.  We’ve got more than we care to admit, and they’re sucking the life out of us.  Don’t tell ANYONE, but we’ve totally researched the ramifications for defaulting on them.  Our best bet seems to be to pack up and move abroad.  We just won’t ever be able to come back home, tell where we are, or have a phone number again.  Don’t tell on us, please.

3.Beans.  See previous post about picky eaters.

4.Cleaning up rice and noodles from lunch at the daycare.  If I’m ever in a pinch and need a form of glue in a survival situation, I know all I have to do is put on a pot of Ramen & white rice, smash it into the tables in my class room, and then spread it on whatever needs to be glued back together.  It will work.

5.Clothes that have to be hung up to dry.

Praise the Lord for an indoor laundry room now, but I know not even He has to hang His t shirts up after 10 minutes in the dryer.  I don’t know why I keep clothes that require this much work.  I already avoid washing clothes so much that my children complain about it.  Having to get up in the middle of an episode of Once Upon a Time to make sure the handful of shirts I can still wear will fully fit over my belly is not my idea of a good time.

6.Calliou. Because.  He’s Calliou.

7.Coconut.  Because eww.  It smells good, and my shampoo, soap, and lotion have some combination of Coconut and other beachy smelling things, but to eat it? Negative.

8.Smelling burnt popcorn.  Day ruiner.

And lastly,

9.Ice.  It bothers me so much that I don’t even want to type this because I try to avoid the discomfort it causes me.  It’s not limited to ice you put in your cup.  Oh no.  It’s popsicles, freezers, ice cream that’s been opened before, talking about it, thinking about it, seeing it.  No thanks.  I like for it to be in my cup, I just don’t like to get it in there or see it if possible.  It’s weird, I know.  But you know how some people cringe when they hear nails on a chalkboard? Or metal scraping against something?  It’s like that times eleventeen.

Pat used to work with a girl in college that had the same reaction to handling quarters.  If the ridges touched her finger tips, she wanted to throw up.  Ice doesn’t make me want to throw up, but it does give me chill bumps, makes me shiver for a second, and absolutely makes me want to not be around it in any way.

My children are being deprived because we don’t keep popsicles in the house, and I can’t handle hearing them eat an ice cream cone.

I’m done talking about it. I hate it that much.

PS no 10. would have to be lists that don’t end with an even number.  Those are annoying, too.


3 thoughts on “Things I Hate

    1. As long as you’re not serving an assortment of beans, we should be good. And I’ll send you some shirt ideas. I have some great 😆 and they can eat all the popsicles they want. I’m just not opening any of them.


      1. I always look forward to reading your posts and am laughing, nodding my head and gasping as I’m reading some of the older ones now. So “Ice Ice Baby” makes you cring? 😉 That is horrible to me ’cause I’m all about some ice! Don’t like hearing folks crunch it though! And my husband and daughter both do. Loudly. Anyway this made me think about your mom and her sour affliction. You get it honest! Thanks for giving us a peek into the life of a Super Mom!


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