Banana Bread

I got all excited after watching another Tasty video about cream cheese banana bread.  I know, I know! I should have remembered that those videos make it look easy only because they don’t have to wash their dishes, already have everything put in those little cups and bowls they just dump into their mixing bowls, and snapping your finger over your concoction is a sure way to make it be done in no time.

That’s not how it happened this weekend.
20160305_164948My pantry threw up on my counters and stove.  Doesn’t everyone cook this way?  Also, it’s not like I put the broccoli and squash in the bread.  I just didn’t bother cleaning it up just to take it back out for supper.

Mashed bananas are not appetizing.  And my loaves were looking nothing like the video.

Neither did my finished product.  But, like the cookie coma, it was pretty Tasty after all.  Pun so intended.

It was Amos approved only because we called it cake, and Hank and Marnana were happy to eat it because I’d already let them lick the beaters from the cream cheese filling.  And hold your horses on preaching about raw eggs.  Aint nobody ever died from eating cookie dough (if they have, keep it to yourself) and it will make their coats shiny.

Anyway, I’m contemplating writing a cookbook I’m getting so good at putting plan into action with all these videos and Pinterest and over achieving mom bloggers who have loads of time to shop for, cook, and photo shoot the heck out of their meals.  I can totally handle that.


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