We’re thinking about getting them.  You know, we’ve got a ton of mouths to feed around here, so it seems like a no brainer.  A few years ago, Pat got really interested in bee keeping.  It sounded pretty fascinating.  And then we remembered we’ve got responsibilities and jobs and laundry, so we never got farther than ordering a few magazines and following a bunch of apiaries on Instagram.

Then we started looking into raising chickens.  As much as Pat doesn’t want to admit it, I think we’re already only a few steps away from falling right into line with all the Hipster/Homesteading life he talks so bad about.  I mean, I had UNMEDICATED births, he has a knack for carpentry and woodworking, and I harbor a secret love for coffee cups and calligraphy.  Why wouldn’t we hatch our own chickens?

So, after eleveteen hours spent watching everything he could find on YouTube about hatching, raising, caring for, and yes, even processing these fun little birds, he started prepping a space for a coop.  And when big boys do yard work around here, little boys aren’t far from the action.20160305_141021Then that little supervisor of a sister came to make sure they were doing it right.  She had to come back in seconds after this picture because she knocked Amos over with the bouncy hop ball.20160305_141153

After some ground clearing, Pat went through the wood pile to start piecing a coop together.  We agreed to keep researching and learning before we get any chicks, since we aren’t just oozing free time right now.  Tumbling is Monday, T-ball practices started Tuesday and will be on Saturdays as well, Amos always needs a nap, baby prep is happening in earnest, and all that other life stuff we’ve got going on means we aren’t quite ready for chicks just yet.

20160306_113127None of that stopped Pat from getting to work, though.



They haven’t slowed down yet on getting it ready.  Every afternoon this week has consisted of a little ball throwing and t-ball batting practice, then it’s straight to the shed until just past dark.  I’ll be sad to lose the hour of sleep this weekend, but we’ll all be excited to get that hour of daylight in return.

And I should totally mention, we learned our lesson the hard way about getting an animal on a whim.  We’ll  be prepared before the chickens move in.  Come back Monday for a post about Gypsy, who we’re probably still making monthly payments on from our first credit card…


One thought on “Chickens

  1. This is awesome!!!! We are wanting to do the same when the time is right! We have even found many resources for “urban farming” which we didn’t know was a thing! Until the moment is right for us (aka we become homeowners) we have really enjoyed our red wiggler farm! Totally something you might be interested in starting! It couldn’t be easier and the kids are enjoy watching the compost turn to soil!


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