Adventures in T Ball pt1

I signed Hank up for T Ball at the end of January.  Fully knowing that I’d be all up in the 9th month of pregnancy when his games were going on, ready for Tobago to say “What Up!” at any point.  Fully Knowing MH would be having tumbling recital stuff going on that month.  FULLY KNOWING Amos turns 2 that month.

Mind STILL lost. Chickens AND T Ball? We’re certifiable.

Also, did you know how much a 5 year old needs for ball?

You did? Oh, that’s cute.

Not me.

He had a bat and a glove.  We knew he’d need cleats, but I’d been keeping a check on some Facebook consignment pages for those, so I didn’t get them in time for the 1st practice.

But then, the week of everyone’s 1st practice rolled around, and my news feed blew up with all these cutie pie little boys decked out in ball pants, knee high socks, toting bat bags and fight necklaces (what the crap are these things???) asking for green Powerade.

So I flipped the heck out and went to Hibbets in the next town over to buy totally overpriced stuff he’s already outgrowing.imageBut gosh, he’s cute.

And yes, we are fully aware those are football cleats NOT baseball ones.  But this kid already has a funny little gate when he runs.  Think cat with tape on its paws.

That’s him.

So, in the vein of making sure he doesn’t roll an ankle, we went with the hightops.

The first practice was cute.  Lots of little boys with no clue showing off their shoes and gloves.  A few coaches learning how to reign in 10 little boys.  I can’t even begin to imagine what the season will actually be like.

imageEvery afternoon, Hank’s waited at the door for Pat to get home so they can head outside to throw the ball or work on batting.  We only had 3 6U balls (promise I’m not getting snooty with all this terminology, I’m still SO lost when it comes to talking shop) and they were both tired of running after them.

Necessity is the mother of invention, as well as coming up with ways to do the least amount of work with the most amount of success, if Pat has anything to do it it.

So he set up a batting cage the little kids LOVE to run after the balls in.  Hank’s current goal is to make the ball stick in the fence and Pat’s is to not lose his patience.  I think it’s going well.

Back to getting prepared for this adventure:


imageDid you know there were so many options for pants?

Again, I didn’t.

I thought you just picked a color and were good to go.  Except you’re not.  He got practice pants and game pants.  Belts and socks, and some other junk to fit in that brand new bat bag of his.

We even made a trip to Dothan to Academy to get his helmet, game socks, and Amos a pair of the cutest matching practice pants in all the land.

My wonderful, well behaved pack also managed to flip a buggy over.

Yes. Full on FLIPPED a shopping cart 25 feet from the front door of Academy.  Amos was in it and Hank and MH were perched on the back of it.  There was lots of screaming, and when they got up, they weren’t crying because they were hurt, they were crying over who got the credit for making it happen.

It’s a good thing I’m not easily embarrassed in public by them.  Pat on the other hand…

imageBut we survived it, so more baseball.

Hank had his own cheering section for the first night.  One little sister who just wanted to hop up and down bleachers, and a little brother who wanted to practice his scream for everyone.

We’ve got a lot of work to do.

imageAll week, he’s been anticipating his Saturday practice, and with the new clothes from Academy, he looked pretty cute for sure.

I’m not allowed to blog about how frustrated he and his daddy were when they got back, but I do know they went straight out to the batting cage to get ready for Tuesday.

I’m also not gonna lie… I’m going to do my best to stay sane for these 2 days a week at the field, plus game days when they start, on top of tumbling Mondays, and a prescription for anti embolism stockings and lots of rest per my OB.  I’ll let you know how it’s going.


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