Cousins Easter

I have a lot of cousins.  Most of them are older, and more my moms age, but there’s a cool handful who are in the child rearing phase of life, too.  It seems like we’ve been trying to do something all together for eleventeen years but couldn’t ever make it work.

We finally made it happen with our 1st Annual Cousins Easter (hopefully to be followed up with a few other Cousin Holidays from now on) this past Sunday.  And aside from an overwhelming whiff of cow poop, it was quiet an enjoyable afternoon.

It really weirded Pat out that the big cousins were the adults at this function.  I don’t know when you actually start feeling like an an adult.  I mean, we have life insurance, and a mortgage, and cancer policies, but I still feel very much like I’m stuck in 2007.  So participating in an event where it was us, my cousin, Anthony & his wife Andrea, and our other cousin Robbie, and his wife Amber, and the 6 children (with 2 on the way) between us still didn’t make Pat feel like a grownup.

We’ve had a group text going for a while during the planning phase, and everyone’s so indecisive it makes me want to throat punch them *cough* Anthony. First it was supposed to be burgers and such, but that had to be changed because the griller of those foods sustained a very adult injury.  Joker threw out his back and couldn’t stand in front of his grill for very long.

Pizza is a great 2nd choice.  We all agreed.

But then it was “what kind of pizza,” “what do you want on them,” “how many should we get?”  And I was all MAKE A DECISION.  WE ARE THE ADULTS IN CHARGE.

It all worked out. Amos refused his slice of pizza, and instead wiped his Dorito hands all over my white shirt, Hank savored every last drop of his 2 baby cokes Anthony got just for him, and MH licked up her chip dip.  I even saw Grady pick all the cheese off his pizza and move it around on his plate.  Baby Abram eyeballed the pizza over his baby food, and Kylee was the only member of the clean plate club, I’m pretty sure.  I’m not the only one winning at feeding my children.

Before we left that morning, this conversation took place:

Hank: So Grady, & Kylee, & Abram are our cousins, Marnana, & you can’t act weird around them
MH: I know Grady has yer same birthday of Knockedover 7
Hank: It’s call Octover!
MH: I know! I said this
Me: Can we just promise we aren’t going to be fussing as much as you did this morning?
MH: No. That’s too much to promise from the little kids.

Nobody was weird and fussing was limited to the car ride.

Amber and I are hoping for a repeat of a same day delivery with these babies we’re cooking right now.  Surely, May won’t be as hard of a month to say for my kids as October is.

When it was finally time to hide eggs, the Dads took off for the front yard, and the kids couldn’t handle the excitement.

The Browns did not disappoint with the amount of eggs with money in them.  Of course, Amos discovered the ones with chocolate and that was the end of his hunting.


They were VERY serious about seeing all their loot.

12801460_10101166736373202_2112861359653553617_n.jpgAnd what qualifies any get together as a legit ADULT gathering?  Lining your kids up for a family picture, that’s what!  2nd and 3rd Brown cousins all around!

Hank whined, MH wanted to take the picture in the tire swing, Amos kept letting us know there were dogs barking, Kylee was in charge of keeping the swing steady, baby Abram was over seeing the grass, and Grady was the ONLY ONE to offer a real smile for this.

Yep.  We’re adults, with kids.  Just doing adult stuff like getting together to talk about when we were younger, and complain about jobs.  Total adults.

Happy 1st Cousins Easter for sure!



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