Easter 2016

We had a great, rainy Easter celebrating an empty tomb and risen Savior.  I always love seeing springy family shots from this day on my social media feeds, and even with the weather, I wasn’t disappointed.  Hang in until the end of the post to see how great ours was.  This pack never lets me down.

First, I have to show you the amazing pictures Heather Newman got at the annual Spring Sessions.

I. AM. IN. LOVE. with them all.  Even the ones where MH refused to do anything but give side eye.

I would be all “I just don’t know what got into this girl, but she refused to cooperate, and that’s just SO UNLIKE HER!”  But it’s not.  She’s as fickle as the wind, and all I could do was roll my eyes at her while Heather was taking her picture.  She was talking up a storm with one of Heather’s daughters about the baby animals, she was directing Hank like it’s her job, and she was telling her daddy what she thought the ducks names’ were.  Then it was her turn, and her only excuse now for why she cracked ZERO chesses is because her bow was falling from her hair and the sun was getting so hot it was making her mad…DSC_8409

I couldn’t make this up if I tried.

Hank was more than happy to earn the tiny box of nerds he’d been bribed with to keep from repeating the constant hand-over-his-eyes pose from last year.  Plus, those chicks were pretty fun to hold, so he was good to go.  The only thing he just absolutely couldn’t get figured out was how to hold the chick up to his face and look directly at it.  Heather asked him to hold it up and look at it’s beak, to check out it’s tiny ears, and she even asked him what color he thought the chick’s eyes were.  He bent down to see and gave her an answer, but never did manage to lift that chick to his level for a good picture.DSC_8453

He was also wearing last year’s nice shoes that are 1&1/2 sizes too small.  I told him he could take them off the second we got done, and to him, he heard “take them off in between pictures.”  Whatever.

Amos was snotty and kept using his collar to wipe his nose.  Again, whatever.  As long as at least ONE picture was decent, I’d be happy.  I was SO surprised I had so many to pick from when I got my copies.

And this bunny?  I wanted my picture taken with him.  He had the best hair EVER.DSC_8445

But then, he got all Amos-y and decided he needed to cry for a few minutes over the fact that he woke up that morning.

Add in the chance to have a sibling picture,and his limit was reached.  We even brought out the Bank (blanket) to make sure Heather could get ONE picture, and well… you see how that ended up…

Hank kept working hard for those nerds.  Marnana continued to treat the word smile as a foreign term, and Amos could care less about sharing his Bank with a lamb.

Then it was Pat’s and my turn to hop in for a quick family shot.  Amos was going limp, Hank was chocking the lamb, and MH wanted to remind me how much she hates bows.

But, Oh! Was it all worth it.  I am so excited to add these to the collection.  I’m even more excited for when Canvas on Demand runs another 80% off special in the next month or so.  Why does anyone pay full price on that site?  Go follow them on Facebook to keep up with their sales if canvas prints are your jam.  I’ve got 6 so far, for of which were Instagram prints, and they look amazing!

DSC_8506When I get this printed, it already has a spot over the mantle.  I love every part about it.

And I can’t forget our more casual, after Church/before lunch/everybody’s starving picture from Sunday.  Another great one to add to the #ferrellfamilyphotoclub you can check out if you follow my private Instagram account.

Going through Easter baskets in your jumhas, trying to figure out how to put your hands in your pockets, and nose picking.

It couldn’t have been a better day.



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