Instagram is my Jam

I found Instagram a few years ago and immediately over posted my little heart out as often as possible.  I’d never played with filters before, and as soon as I got familiar with the original list of 15 or so different ways I could pretend I was an EXCELLENT photographer, I lost my mind.

I got all up in the hashtag world before they were (Jimmy and Justin this one with your fingers) hashtag cool, and considered myself a total pro at who to follow.  My grainy, awkwardly captioned first few weeks on the platform are a little embarrassing.  In the end, I was just another user with a camera phone, posting grainy stuff with a heavy hand on Walden and the sharpen feature struggling to get followers.

I still don’t have that many on my personal page, and even less on the public one for here, but I do know I am one heck of an Instagram snob at this point.

I judge you when you post bad pictures (even though I totally do it myself!) and I’ll delete someone so quick if I look at their follow list and it’s full of Kardashians.

Forget that I follow 3 of them myself.  We’re not talking about me, right now.

The point is, my Instagame is strong.  I figured I’d share the BEST video there is on how to use it, and follow it up with some of my favorite accounts.

I’m just doing my part to be sure you’re all being the best pretend-photogs you can be over there.

Yer welcome.

So first, watch Casey’s video here

Then go to your magnifying glass and search for these people:

Casey Neistat, duh.  He’s just so cool.  We’ve been watching him on YouTube for about 4 years, so it’s like we’re practically bffs.  We were there before the new fame.


image via

Tika Davis is semi local.  I haven’t gotten super creepy to find out where she’s at, but I do know she throws in enough Alabama & Destin hashtags to make me wish I took the kinds of pictures she does of the places I love so much.  Plus, that baby?  SO cute.


image via

A newer favorite is the page for Southern Makers.  They highlight Alabama artists and general amazingness currently growing around the state.  Sometimes its a product, other times it’s a profile on a person doing great things.  Either way, it’s so neat to see what is going on right here!  If I weren’t so pregnant, we’d FOR SURE be at the event at the end of the month.


image via

She Reads Truth does a great job with their account.  What’s posted is almost always a part of their daily devotionals, and I’ve found that I like the comments section a little more than the actual images.  Just good community support going on over there, for sure.


image via

Kelle Hampton is one of my most favorite mama bloggers from Enjoying the Small Things.  I found her through a parenting magazine when I was pregnant with Hank.  She had just recently given birth to her second child, who has Down Syndrome.  In the beginning, her feed was about coming to terms with something she was totally unprepared for, and now, it’s the totally normal life stuff we all experience.  Minus the fact that I don’t have her camera, live in South Florida, or have the ability to pull off stripes and red lipstick the same way she does.


image via

Jen Hatmaker.  Just follow her.  On here and Facebook.  Because, duh.


image via

The most dreamy pictures in all the land of sunsets and children and wildflowers can be found over on Joy Prouty’s personal and professional page.  I follow both, and budget plan more than I’d like to admit for how I’m going to hire her for one of her 24 hour sessions at some point in my life.  The way she captures life, and motherhood, and childhood, and all the good stuff you never want to forget makes me swoon.12424811_955759791140197_65201373_n

image via

I could literally go on and on with this.  I’ll wrap it up with one more picture of a must-follow.  If you don’t do anything but watch Casey’s video on how to use and enjoy Instagram, then my job here is done.  But if you do decide to click follow on any of these others, well then that’s just bonus points.

Also, total shameless plug, follow my public account to keep up with feral kids, chickens, and blog updates.  If you’re cool enough to be my friend, then follow me on my private account, too.  I’m doing my best to keep double posting to a minimum, and there will always be plenty of funnies to make you shake your head, I promise!

If you’re a Walking Dead fan, then you MUST follow Greg Nicotero.  He’s got amazing behind the scenes stuff, plenty of yucky walker pics, and enough stories about the cast to get you through the times you want to scream at what’s going on when they leave you with crap like the season 6 finale.


image via

So now go, friends.  Up your own Instagram game.  Post thoughtful stuff.  Become a part of the community.  And stop following crappy celebrities.  You should just focus on the “normal” people who make you feel like you’re sucking at life without a DSLR to document what you cooked and those who throw the colorful birthday parties no one ever gets invited to.  It will make you look at your life so differently.




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