Kid Conversations & Sick Junk

Even though I like to think I’m raising a pretty hardy bunch of ‘chilruns, they continue to prove me wrong by catching every little bit of mess that passes through the daycare.  And then some stuff they just generate themselves, seems like.

Last week, a few toddlers passed around what we figured to be a simple fever virus.  No symptoms other than fever, and they were over it in about 2 days.  When Amos started having a temp Sunday night, I just assumed that’s what it could be.  He had 2 full days of fever and then was good.

Marnana decided she wanted in on the sick action Tuesday night.  2 days of fever, then total recovery.  Fine.  If you’re gonna be sick over this way, make it quick.

She did get super angry at Amos when he wanted to cuddle up next to her at the end of her first full sick day.  She was running a fever, and Amos normally stays as far away from her as possible since she’s part honey badger.  I guess he figured she could help him feel better that night.  He got situated next to her so sweet like.wp-1460142834806.jpg

And she got bent ALL KINDS out of shape over it and frustratingly shouted this:

MH: He won’t get off me, mom! I cannot control this!
Me: Control what? What does that even mean?
MH: It means I am not asponsible for this kid because he is pulling my skin everywhere.
Me: Your’e being silly, & you need to calm down. He’s just trying to be sweet & lay with you, Marnana!
MH: No mother! He has to move outta this house. I’m going to scream!!!
Hank: And get a spanking for it, too!
MH: You are not my dad, Hank, & I am fed up with this life you are causing me to live.

Total threenager in the house!  But, she did seem better the next day, so I took that as our cue to move on from the sick junk.

Except that’s never the end of the gross stories with the Feral Ferrell’s.  Amos went to daycare Thursday and seemed totally fine.  We got to my moms Thursday afternoon, and he just became so uncomfortable and fidgety that it was obvious something was wrong.  So wrong that he decided to puke all over the both of us.  I had to run to our house to change and get the vommick (that’s what it’s called at our house) off my body while my mom took on getting Amos cleaned up.img_20160407_162513.jpg

He still didn’t seem to have any other symptoms that were causes for concern, so we made plans for him to stay with my mom again, and all would be right with the world.  Except not. Of course.

Even though I’m constantly ranting about germs, and not sharing stuff, and staying out of each other’s faces, it just falls on deaf ears.  Case in point is when Hank got out of the shower Thursday night and came to me with this mess:

Hank: Mom, I have to tell you something
Me: I don’t like when you start things by saying that.
Hank: I, well, I just kinda was accidentally thirsty some, and, um, well, I just had to get something to drink since all the water was gone from your cup on the counter.
Me: So what did you do, son?
Hank: Well, I just accidently drank out of the milk jug because Amos doesn’t have a sippy cup in there either.
Me: Do you normally drink out of his cups that stay in there?
MH: Re just do that all the time
Hank: Well, but see, I drank that milk accidentally, but then I dint mean to, but I dropped my peppermint in there too, but I’m just real sorry about it OK?
Me: HANK! Where did you get a mint from?
Hank: Out of the Sonic bag that was in the garbage can

Not only are they sharing sippy cup germs secretly, we also have some minty milk to deal with.  What’s yours is mine in our house.

When Margaret Hannah woke up Friday morning, she had a weird rash on her knees, middle of her back, lower stomach, and forearms.  Uh… seems like a good reason to drive 45 minutes to the pediatrician’s office to find out what the heck was growing for sure!

Cut to a stressful ride over there that included 3 stops to poop.  Something about saying “Let’s go to the Doctor’s office” is a natural laxative for my crew.  We showed up 10 minutes late, had to wait another 10 minutes because records are always needing updating over there, and a 10 minute stint in the waiting room made for the perfect combination to generate another poop for both of them once we got into an exam room.


The short of it is that Amos has acute bronchitis and a touch of pneumonia in his right lung.  MH has an aggressive case of hand, foot, and mouth disease.

Yes, please!  We need this in our lives right now like we need clean laundry!  Hank had his first t-ball game and Jamboree Saturday, I had Porter’s shower Sunday afternoon, and we missed a birthday party.  I mean! It’s just exactly how I wanted the weekend to play out.  PLUS I dare not forget that I’m 35ish weeks pregnant.

Yes, yes.  We can handle this like the bosses we are.

I just needed to complain a second.

Wash your hands people!  And do your part to keep your sick kids at home, please.  All of mankind will thank you.



4 thoughts on “Kid Conversations & Sick Junk

  1. Honey Badger!!! That is hilarious & perfectly describes her meltdowns, bless her!! Forgot to tell you to further prove how “toddler puke” travels as you say, that night I kept still detecting a slight odor on couch but knew I’d hit it with Bath & Body Works Pineapple Anti-Bac Soap and that shoulda covered any residue and the cushions were dry and no odor on them. Something said “hit the button on the side to recline”… uh, there is this cool tray like panel in the fold that had captured a perfect 2 more paper towel clean up, a little more Soap, propped open,ceiling fan on high and one episode of Scandal … just like NEW!!


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