Adventures in TBall pt II

I’m sure you know by now that our experience with ball field life is like, nonexistent.

I think it’s awesome Hank has a chance to play and get a feel for this, but that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to share my feelings about this subculture of our town.

Ball is serious business in these parts, folks, and I had no idea.

Saturday had us at the Jamboree early.  Pat complained when I made him leave the house by 8:15 to be there by 8:45 for pictures, even though we only live 5 minutes from the fields.  When we got to where we were supposed to be, there were maybe 5 cars there, and Pat decided to create a narrative about that time we ALMOST didn’t get our son to his first Jamboree in time.  How we spent HOURS AND HOURS looking for parking, and how we were scaring him for life because we didn’t get there early enough.

Because that’s what Pat likes to do.

Despite his flair for drama, we didn’t have to wait too long, and we had a prime parking spot. I doubt Hank will need any therapy from this adbenture.

Everybody looked so cute in their uniforms and hats!  The downside to all that matching is now we can’t tell whose kid is which from the other side of the fence.  I’ve been trying to keep up with numbers, but even that gets hard to do.  I’m keeping it simple by just keeping an eye out for #2.  That’s our boy!

Pictures went off without a hitch, lineup went well for such a big group of first timers, and the parade of teams onto the field was fun to watch.  I can’t say enough how sharp everyone looked in all the different uniforms.

photogrid_1460493330717.jpgThe only concern I had from the morning (which seemed to be misinterpreted as me trying to ruin all the festivities and ceremony of the day) was when a helicopter landed on the field behind all the boys and girls.  My mama heart stuttered a bit when I realized that it was INDEED landing on the field.  Directly behind my child.

My mind just kept replaying all the crash videos I’ve ever seen from those compilation shows on cable where helicopters get caught in drafts and become unbalanced.  One tiny motion that can cause total catastrophe.  It made me nervous, guys.  And I just can’t see how it’s wrong for me to voice my hesitation over something like a HELICOPTER landing so close to my kid in a civil way.

I worked super hard to get him here.  Like, 4 days worth of labor, at LEAST 100 diaper blowouts, and I even said goodbye to what normal boobs look like for his sake.

I still don’t feel wrong for questioning the event.  I’m not looking for commentary about either side of the coin, since I truly DO see both sides.  But I feel like it’s important that I not back down from my feelings.

I get it.  I do.

I understand how this was cool for a good bit of the crowd.  I’ve been told this happens in other places, and that’s great too. Somebody even mentioned how when they played football in high school, the life flight crew on standby would hover over the stadium to help dry off the field when there was a rain delay. I just didn’t expect other mama’s to feel like I was taking something away from this event.

In the end, Jamboree day was a success, and that’s what matters. I got to eat a hamburger from the concession stand (if you’ve never had a ball field burger, you’re pretty much missing out on life), Hank and his buddies played a great (uh… hilarious) first game, and I didn’t bother wearing my compression hoses for an entire 4 hours.  Winning all around, for sure.

I felt like this was also a safe place to list a few of the more important things I’ve learned in these few short weeks at the field.

  1. Snacks.  Like a lot.  For my kids, and other kids, and most importantly, for myself.
  2. Beach Carts.  Ball carts, maybe?  It would just make the world a better place if I could wheel that joker down to our spot, and be done with it.  I know others would like it as well.
  3. Eyeblack.  T Ballers love them some eyeblack.
  4. Bathrooms.  They’re too far away. Maybe that 1 case of drinks we sold for the fundraiser will help with the cost of a new one.
  5. Dirty Uniforms and multiple games in a week.  I have to wash Hanks stuff after a game.  In English: I HAVE TO DO MORE LAUNDRY


I considered buying another pair of game pants, guys, I’m not gonna lie.

Since Saturday, our boy has had one other game, and it was against a team that had a few of his old preschool buddies on it.  When he recognized one of them, he just kept saying “I didn’t know you played T Ball, too!!!”

They all did great.  Hank played shortstop for 2 innings, and every time his coach told him to get closer to the pitcher, he bunny hopped.

I asked him after the game why didn’t he just stand up and walk a few steps, and he said it was just easier to hop.


photogrid_1460493490994.jpgI also am learning the art of picture taking at the ball field.  Chain Link all up in the way, baby.

We have another game Friday night, so I promise not to spend another post on that.  Unless I do.  Because… …you know.  If you have any post suggestions, feel free to leave them in the comment section.  I’m all ears.

And I can’t end this one without mentioning the man who takes amazing sports photos of all of the different things kids play in our town.  He’s a retired state trooper, and he NEVER lets folks down with getting great shots of their kids doing what they love.  Even before I had a kid on a team, I always went through all of the galleries he posted.  When I found Hank in his album from Saturday?  My heart was so happy.  I couldn’t stop smiling!!!  Hank was SO excited to see himself, and I can’t wait to put in my print request for that image.  Such a great memory!fb_img_1460255604089.jpgThank you SO MUCH Joe, for capturing one of his first throws in his very first game!

And if there are other things you would add to your own What I’ve Learned list, let me know.

Despite the saucy language, according to this “Ball Mom” I’ve got some great things waiting for me just around the corner.


2 thoughts on “Adventures in TBall pt II

  1. I’m going to ask for a roster so we’ll know who’s who! I’m not home from work in time for the 5:30 games, so please do post about Friday’s game 🙂


  2. Check out these Amazon links. They are a God send for the ballfield! Tonya has the Easy Go and we have the Radio Flyer. Just throw MH and Amos in the wagon with your bags and you’re ready to go! Haha

    EasyGoWagon Folding Collapsible Utility Wagon Fits in Trunk of Standard Car, Blue

    Radio Flyer 2700 Pathfinder Wagon, Red


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