The Mail Lady Saga pt II

Stopping in for a quick update on this ongoing story.

Things are better.

Kind of.

We’ve been experiencing semi-regular mail delivery over the last month.  Usually, there will be mail every 2 or 3 days.  Even though the postmark is usually a but off from when we receive it, I can appreciate the effort our Mail Lady is putting forth.

But after taking a handful of thank you notes out to the road this morning, I discovered a hiccup in our ability for this to end peaceably.

The flag was up on the box when I got to it.  I haven’t put anything in there in a considerable amount of time.

Months, actually.

Hank and Margaret Hannah usually get the mail in the afternoons when we get home. While most days they’re empty handed, occasionally they’ve got a few things.  Mostly LLBean catalogs and Ohio Daily Realtor news flyers with the old homeowners name on them.  I mean, thank goodness for that.

But today, I put the flag down and started back to the house.  Margaret Hannah turned back around and put the flag back up.  I asked her what was she doing with the flag, and she looked at me with this kind of side eye she’s perfected and said “I’m putting the flag back up, mama.”

“Why?  You only put the flag up when you want the mail carriers to pick something up for you,” I said.

“No, you dint.  I put it up ever this day when me and Hank check the box,” she came back with.

“Marnana, you put the flag up every single day?”

“Yeah.  I like the way the flag looks, mom.  Its ok!  That’s why we have the mailbox.  For the flag part.”  She was so serious when she told me that.

Now, all I can picture is the Mail Lady driving up to a box she already isn’t fond of to find the red flag up on EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

With no mail in the box for her to pick up.


I’m hoping real bad she doesn’t suspect that red-flag-up-gate is our way of retaliating.  I mean, are we only getting trickles of what we should be?  Is she withholding great things from us because every day that she stops at our box, the flag is up, and there are zero things inside the box?

I’ll keep you posted…


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