36 Weeks & a Kindergartner

I’m 36 weeks pregnant.  To some that means “any day now!”  To me, that means another month to stretch my belly to it’s limits

I’ve carried all these babies to term, and while each labor and delivery date has gotten shorter, each baby has gotten considerably larger.  The last two were with no epidurals.  The last last one was totally medicine free. I don’t like to brag (yes, yes I very much do), but just sit with that a minute.

I had to go for a regular, weekly visit Thursday and a position ultrasound because I have a history of growing babies who prefer to live it up transverse (sideways) into the third trimester.  I haven’t been surprised at any of the other visits to find out baby Tobago has been hanging on to tradition like the others, but Thursday’s ultrasound was a little different.

There was some concern expressed over how far I am, and how hard it might be for the baby to turn head down like he needs to in such a short time.  If you’ve ever spent much time listening to any of my other birth stories, you know I’m not about that c-section talk.  I in NO WAY think sections are bad or make you any less of a mother than I am.  I just know what my body is capable of, and I like knowing all my options.

I’ve always appreciated my OBGYN’s patience with me, and his support of my choice to let things happen when they’re ready to happen.

But Thursday had me a little flustered.  The ultrasound tech went right into her little tisk-tisk voice while she was telling me how Porter was laying.  I came right back with that I still had plenty of time for him to move, and she just said “You’ll just want to be sure you talk to your Doctor about everything.”

He’s got plenty of room and fluid to still move.  Jumping to what the on-call calendar looks like is not apart of my plan, yet.

The doctor came in to talk it over.  He had a few good suggestions for things to try between now and next Thursday’s ultrasound and even told me to look up a website he knew I’d be interested in for other alternatives to rotate babies.  Spinningbabies.com if you’re interested, as well.

The funny starts when I decided the best thing for me to try was something called a forward leaning inversion.  Basically, you keep your knees on a higher surface like a couch or stairs, and then place your elbows flat on the ground in front of you with your belly tucked toward the surface you’re using as much as possible.

I’d already told Pat he had to be on standby since I can’t even seem to get off the couch these days without a little extra help.  I was laughing too much at just how hard it was to get my elbows flat to be able to focus on the type of breathing spinningbabies recommends you do while you’re in the position.  My sinuses got stopped up, my head was pounding from the rush of blood, and when you’re this pregnant AND laughing, well, having to pee is a given.

In the end, I was able to get it figured out for the 5-breath stretch needed, but I have not been interested in doing the inversion as many times a day as recommended.  I’ll call it a win if I can manage once a day.

I really just want to see this cutie when he’s ready.  Even if the way he gets here isn’t how I wanted.  Just don’t count me out of the natural game too soon.  I may march my self up to the only indoor public pool in town and teach Hank how to do a handstand if it means getting Porter to turn.  We’re giving it a few more weeks before any decisions are made.

And since my Mama Heart was already on edge a bit from Porter Position News, I felt like the ride to Dothan after our doctor’s visit was the perfect time to fully embrace ALL the feels that go along with having to register your FIRST baby for Kindergarten.

I’ve never felt like it would be a big deal to let Hank start school.  Pat and I have done an amazing job with preparing him for “big school,” and the time he’s spent at the daycare has made sure he’ll thrive when he gets there.  I’ve shaken my head at the mama’s that cry over the next step in their kid’s life.  I’ve even told myself how silly it really is to not want to embrace all the new things that come along with starting school.

Until it was SERIOUSLY my turn to send my child on his way.  I almost had a panic attack standing in the dollar spot in Target looking at summer supplies and individually wrapped snack food.

Like, how is he going to manage the lunch line???  Those tray’s get heavy!

What if he’s having a bad day?  Right now, he can just let me know when we all get out on the playground.  He gets to run errands for his teachers a lot, so he just stops by my room on his way to wherever to say hi.  That’s not going to happen anymore.

I can’t deal with this.

He’s still a baby!  One that has stinky feet, can eat 2 hamburgers in one sitting, and farts like a champ, but that’s irrelevant.  What is public school going to do to him?  Is he going to get bored and act out because he isn’t being challenged like his dad did?  Will he decide it’s all too overwhelming and get frustrated like he does when the bent puzzle piece to his Melissa & Doug Firetruck floor puzzle won’t fit?  There’s too many what ifs and OMGs to not get caught up in all the emotions those other mama’s were experiencing.

Shame on me for thinking I was above it!

I’m not!!! I need this boy to still be under my wing.  Or if not mine, at least Marnana’s. Sister knows she keeps a tight leash on her boys.


And it’s not even May.  I’m not sure I’ll be able to make a coherent post come August about actually SENDING him to his first day.  Heck, this was just registration, and look how I’m handling it!

I will say I felt slightly better at his exasperation with me over being prepared on registration day.  He never lets me down when it’s time take a nice picture.img_20160414_083623.jpgBut then he finished up his screening, and came out with a weird, flashy toy, and the biggest smile you ever did see.  He told us about everything he was asked. How he knew his address, but couldn’t remember my phone number, but that’s ok since all those teachers see me on Facebook.  He knew how to count until the teacher told him he could stop, and he picked out some good rhyming words.20160414_082249.jpgHe’s ready, that’s for sure.

It’s just going to take me a little longer…


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