Being Productive

It’s hard to get motivated to do stuff sometimes when there are so many people living in your home and needing things.  Especially when most of the household is under 6…

Being pregnant has nothing to do with that, if I’m being honest.  It’s about meeting needs constantly, stopping to catch your breath, and then realizing you forgot to fill up a sippy cup or pick up wet towels from all down the hallway.

We’re raising some pretty independent children because of those reasons.  I just don’t have the mental capacity to tie 6 shoes every morning, fix breakfast, make sure everybody has the junk they need for the day, AND brush my teeth without being late.

Amos is a total pro at bathing himself just like the other 2.  They all brush their teeth on their own (with supervision in the morning) because they’ve been taught how to do it the right way.  Dishes get put back in the sink when everyone finishes with them, they can all dress themselves, but for some reason, they all struggle with not leaving socks and shoes directly in front of the bins they go in.

They’ll get there or as God is my witness, I will ONLY buy flipflops from here on out.

Oh, you need new cleats for ball? Better go slip those baseball themed ones on.  Ballet Shoes?  Nope.  Put those sparkly purple ones on.

So to combat some of the neediness and to get ready to add yet another set of shoes that will need to be tied to the mix , we spent the weekend being super productive.

We did really important things to prepare us for the crazy that is about to descend on our home.  Like put together Patio Furniture,a46c4184-48fc-46fc-9153-853c983646a0and eat as many meals as possible outside.4552b9dd-0441-40df-aa45-953dad963356         Then we decided to not let a good box go to waste.  The kids took a bath in it one night, and swam in it Sunday afternoon.  Freds Super Dollar Store for the win!

I gave the boys haircuts.  I spent YEARS reading the Blog Young House Love because I was in love with their decorating style and humor.  The most significant thing I learned from John and Sherry was how to give someone a haircut, not how to tile a backsplash.  I knew we couldn’t keep up with how expensive bimonthly haircuts can get for all these little boys, so I figured out how to do it myself.  I’ve only severely messed up once, and that was because I got cocky and thought I could use clippers as easily as I’d been using scissors. I’m still not sure why Pat hasn’t trusted me to do his yet…

I couldn’t sleep Friday night because I absolutely could not stop going over everything that is happening this week.  I swing between thinking how great it would be if Porter decided to go ahead and get here so we can be involved in all the stuff that’s happening NEXT week, and then deciding it would be best if he could just hang tight until the week after.

Like, seriously!  This is the agenda for the coming week:  Monday-Class group pictures, K4 graduation practice,Doctor’s appointment, k4 Silde Show CDs have to be made, Tumbling, ball game.  Tuesday-Finish summer prepping my room, make last day of k3 bags, pick up Amos’s birthday cake, ball game.  Wednesday- Amos turns 2, daycare party, sort shirt orders. Thursday-k4 graduation run through, pick up Hank’s gift, k4 graduation at 7. Friday- Get all the stuff for Amos’s party on Saturday, Kid dentist appointments, blah blah blah!  It doesn’t end.  Plus, Pat is in the middle of the biggest project of the year at work, and he’s already let me know he won’t be available until the 10th.  The 14th would be better if I can manage it. BAHAHAHAHA!!!

Anyway, I got up early, like around 3:30, thinking I could have some time to myself to watch a terrible movie on Amazon and not have to think about doing something for someone else for a few hours.

I was wrong.

No matter the time on weekend mornings, if my walk down to the living room is heard by any of our pack, it’s the international signal to go down and sit right under mom on the couch.

So we took a lot of naps this weekend.



We took ice cream and trampoline breaks as much as possible.  Saturday afternoon, we even managed to play with cousins for a bit.

Did I wash baby stuff or pack the other 3 the clothes they’ll need while we’re gone?


But we did eat strawberry waffles outside on our new furniture and watch Harry and the Hendersons.  (FYI: It has way more bad words than I remembered!  I mean, I know we used to watch Blood Sport at the daycare when I was in 2nd grade and that was totally ok, but letting my 3 watch Harry was a not-so-good parenting move on my part.  They really seemed to like it, though.)

36234a13-959a-4f01-9e61-5abc85151c84     Instead of cooking like I should have after church, I immediately accepted my Mother’s suggestion to go out.  There’s a place in town called Blue Flame Grill that is very near and dear to my heart.  I babysat the owners girls for a summer and every day at lunch, we went there.  Craig’s mashed potatoes and fried squash just speak to my soul.  Sometimes, I came home on the weekends from college just so I could have some Blue Flame fried chicken.  It was that good.

It’s changed hands a few times, and it didn’t keep the same hours, so I ‘m not even sure the last time we ate there.  I noticed last week the sign out front said they were now open on Sundays, and they did not disappoint.  MH gnawed her way through a chicken leg like a champ, Hank was excited we let him squeeze his own ketchup out, and Amos strayed from his normal Nutrigrain Bar in favor of some Oreo covered pudding.

We came home with full bellies, sleepy eyes, and I managed to eat half a pint of Ben and Jerry’s right by myself.  Luxury if I’ve ever heard of such.

Again, I decided that buying a fan for the back patio and watching everyone fight on the trampoline over the waterhose was a better use of my time  Sunday afternoon than trying to rearrange carseats or drag out the bag of baby socks I know we’ll be needing soon.

It’s really all about balance.

Ifdf74151-3273-4197-ba4a-99387d870214The hardest part of wrapping up such a productive weekend was hearing that Hank has a lose tooth.

Dear Lord,

I’m dealing with A LOT currently, and emotionally, I was just not ready for Hank to show me his wiggly tooth.

Please don’t let it fall out for a while.  I might have to finish off an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s instead of my usual 1/2 at a time just to cope.



2 thoughts on “Being Productive

  1. I JUST discovered Charlotte’s first loose tooth this morning! She was beyond excited about this new development because apparently quite a few of her classmates have lost a tooth already and she felt left out by the Tooth Fairy. (Serious drama over here at my house. All day. Every day.) I’m not usually the sappy type about the growing up stuff, but this did make me tear up a little. Time could slow down justalittlebit and it would be fine with me!


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