Happy Birthday Amos!!!

Amos Ferrell!  The 4th is strong with you, boy!

I absolutely can’t believe you are two now.  Dad and I managed to get Hank & MH to Nana & Pawpaw’s after spending the morning putting up a rope swing, run by Churches for a COB, and head to the hospital 30 minutes away in record time the day you were born.  I waddled into the ER, and in between contractions, I told the woman at the registration desk I didn’t have it in me to answer the same questions I’d already answered on my preadmission paperwork.  I knew you weren’t waiting long!

We got checked in and settled by 3:45, and by 6 pm, all 9 lbs 11 ounces of you was in my arms!  You had dark hair like Marnana, and Hank’s HUGE toes, and we couldn’t have loved you more.10325725_10100578262200162_2758551993743633285_n

Except we do!

So much more now than we did that day.  You are funny and loving and oh-so-independent.  You love all of your blankets (banks) and seem to always be able to find a pacifier (pal) in a pinch.

I don’t have the patience to list how bad your eating habits are, but just know that Dad and I have real concerns that one day you’re going to wake up as a nutrigrain bar or a cup of peach oatmeal.  You’ve got to grow out of this.  I’d even settle for chicken nuggets and goldfish if it meant a little more variety at dinner.

As much as I’d like for you to get along with your siblings, I call it a success if we can make it through an hour with no one screaming at or pinching one another.  Your dad assures me this is mild multiple child behavior.  Evidently, it gets more violent and loud the older you all get.

Some of my favorite things you do right now:

  • you sleep through the night in your own bed 5 out of 7 nights a week
  • when dad gets home, you ALWAYS say “HEY DAD!” and run to him
  • any word that ends in a T you pronounce as a k like hot=hock and sit=sick
  • you can say Hank’s name very clearly, but you call Marnana Marn-aaaa
  • your vocabulary has exploded in the last month, and you repeat things over and over and over until we either figure out what you’re saying or just give up
  • you jump on the trampoline like a lemur with your arms above your head
  • you’ve discovered Mighty Machines on Netflix and ask for it every time the TV comes on
  • whenever anyone starts talking about the chickens, you immediately want to tell them about chicken poop

You’re working really hard on mastering all the new emotions toddlers experience as best you can, and it’s mean I’ve built a nice little photo album of what I like to call #amosthrowsafit on Instagram.   I don’t blame you, though, buddy.  If I could throw my head back and fall out in the floor to change the outcome of something, I so would.

I know you’re going to make an amazing brother to Porter, as long as he doesn’t want any of your banks, and I know that as long as you let Margaret Hannah mother hen you like only she can, life should be pretty golden for you.

We can’t wait to celebrate all the things you love this weekend (cookies, chocmilk, garbage and dump trucks, and birthday cake) with great friends.  As long as your promise to keep all of your clothes on while people are at our house, and you ALWAYS give such good kisses when you think someone is leaving.

Gregory Amos Hamilton Ferrell, you’re the best 3rd kid we’ve got!

-Love, Mom


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