Because EVERYONE Needs to Know

I just need to get this off my chest again.

I’ve had a rant or two over on Facebook about this very issue, but I feel like EVERYONE could benefit from knowing what I’m about to tell you.

When you approach a 4-way stop, whomever gets there first is the vehicle who goes through the stop first.

If two people get there at the same time, the person to the right goes first.

There are no rules for waving people through, giving them the stink eye from across the street, or sitting at a total stand-still while you all just look at the other vehicles passing through.

When we lived on the other side of town, I had to go through both of our town’s newly installed 4-way stops, and DAILY it caused me so much anger the veins were popping out on my forehead once I got to my classroom. Then, I had to go BACK through them to get home.  There are MANY MANY citizens of this town who are lucky to be alive right now.

Sister can’t always keep her temper in check about this.  I’m capable of letting a lot of things  go and cooling off to avoid catastrophe, but the 4-way stops in town? I make no promises.

I’ll leave this link here for you so you can learn the rules as well.  I’d hate to have to fling open my Expedition door and cut you over this nonsense.



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