We’re all doing amazingly well this way since Porter joined the pack.   He sleeps really well, eats like a champ, and seems to only be uncomfortable when he’s wet. 20160601_212501.jpg Ok, and when I make him wake up to nurse.

He’s also mastered the art of the blow out.

And laundry?  I can’t even.

I forgot how much a newborn is capable of generating.  Add that to the pile of clothes the other 3 keep wearing outside, getting wet, and coming back in to change for the 4th time in one day, and it’s made me know I need a mental health day just to deal with all the laundry baskets coming and going down to the laundry room.

There’s also food.  The big kids are always hungry.  Being home means 3 meals a day I’m responsible for.  We all know Amos would be fine with oatmeal pies and nutrigrain bars every time he sat down at the table, but that seems like a parenting fail if I’ve ever heard one.  Hank wants a “turkey tortillo” followed by a handful of oreos for all his meals, and Margaret Hannah seems to be living off a pack of dill pickle sunflower seeds and fruit loops.

I gotta do better.  I mean, they’re all pooping like normal, but this is bound to turn into something bad if I keep letting them make the meal decisions.

Pat’s been good help.  If good help means being in charge of nap time and changing Amos when he needs it, then yeah, we’ll call it help.

He’s quick to remind me how tired he is, too.  Which I LOVE.

But in all honesty, we’re both pretty much dominating the parenting game right now.  It’s nice to have such a dedicated teammate.  He even volunteered to stay home so I could take Hank to a birthday party Saturday, and make a Fred’s run.

That’s love, just so you know 😉

Over the last week, we managed 3 doctors appointments, a traumatic video of a circumcision (while Porter was getting his), and a wild goose chase between the medical records and business offices of Medical Center Enterprise.  Plus!!! We’ve somehow managed to watch an episode of the new season of Peaky Blinders on Netflix every night before 10 pm.  Seems like straight up date night in our book!

I mean, I usually fall asleep 15 minutes into an episode, but it’s the quality time we’re spending with each other that matters.

The biggest hurdle for now still seems to be Amos.  He loves on Porter and wants to hold him a lot, but he’ll also pull on his feet and try to rub his nose all over his body for whatever strange reason.  One second he’s cooing “Hey Friend! Hey Buddy!” to him and the next he’s trying to pull out a piece of Porter’s hair.  We’ll get there.  I have no doubt.

Or we’ll just start crating Amos with Gypsy.

I kid! I kid!

A little…

Margaret Hannah is on top of everything Porter may need.  Sister knows what to do when we change diapers (there’s a little more involved with little boys in the beginning), keeps that ‘hanitizer’ close by so she can hold him if I need her to, and took right to keeping track of his pacifiers just like she does with Amos.20160603_165139.jpg

Hank has always been a great helper.  Bringing another kid into the fold hasn’t slowed him down a bit, either.  He’s a great burper, diaper-throw-awayer, and tells Porter all kinds of secrets.20160531_095920.jpg

Right before he turned two, we started letting him put the garbage bags in the trash can.  That moved into him actually taking out the trash as soon as he was tall enough to do it, and it’s remained one of his jobs now.  The garbage is staying full just like the washing machine, so he’s been fantastic about emptying it.  Way better than I am with moving the clothes into the dryer, for sure!

Porter has an audiologist appointment next week since he failed his hearing test in the hospital.  We aren’t worried about anything because the nursery nurse specifically said they gave it to him super early so whoever was on call at the hospital the Saturday he was born could get on home for their Memorial Day break.  Pat will be along with us for that fun, and it may even turn into Porter’s first trip to Target.  Nothing has sounded more fun in quite a while!  We’ve got several boxes of newborn diapers to exchange since I brought home yet another 9 lb kid who jumped straight in to size ones.20160602_173853.jpg

I was sad to not be able to use those tiny diapers for all of about 13 minutes.  I got over it when Porter sick bellied his way through a size one that didn’t get put on just right, a pair of footie pajamas, the blanket he was swaddled in, and the burp cloth that was wedged between my side and him.  If that would have been a newborn diaper, the end result could have been much worse.

Yes, that’s possible, even given all the things he pooped through.

For now, these slow days are so welcomed.  We’ve got a busy summer, but having the chance to be with all my babies like this is pretty much the best.

Also, the chickens say Hi!img_20160602_100412.jpg


PS  I usually post on Monday’s and Thursday’s.  I also usually share it on Facebook when I’ve finished a post.  I’m thinking I may back off since it seems like I’m all up in people’s newsfeeds a bit more than before, so be sure you subscribe if you want to know when a post goes live, or just keep checking back often.  I’m glad so many of you are interested in following along.  Some I know, and there’s becoming an even bigger number I don’t.

SO HI!! To all you new people.  I”m constantly shaking my head when I see where everyone is reading from.  Like, who could possible think we’re funny enough way out in Illinois and Michigan to keep coming back every week?  Either way, I’m glad you’re here!




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