I’m reaching real hard like to churn a post out for today.

In the spirit of keeping it simple, we’ll call this one a photo dump.  Pretend it’s quality stuff, ok?

My goal is to get a few posts in my que for times like this.

You know, since the almost 6 year old is bored out of his mind, the almost 4 year old cannot understand why I make her wear at least her panties when we’re outside, the 2 year old is flirting with potty training, and the almost 2 week old hates to be in a swing (what the wha???).  That’s the abridged version of why I can’t manage much more than this for today.

Join us, will you?

  1. How in the world did I do newborn life with our other three babies without the Dock-a-Tot in my life?


It’s this amazing bassinet-cosleeper-Moses-Basket-but-not-really hybrid thing that has saved my sleep. FOR REAL.

I tried a dozen times to win one on some Instagram giveaways because these jokers aren’t cheap, but I never win ANYTHING.  My mom gifted us one, and I love her more for it.  It was a big splurge for a fourth child.  Hold your tongue if you know nothing of passing on things for multiple children.  The wipewarmer is not necessary.  Neither are 86% of all the other items you buy to use for just one baby.  But this?  Do it! Buy it! Yer Welcome!

I just needed to tell you how great this is.

2. Porter met Merle.


Sydney, my niece, spent a ton of her preschool and younger years hanging out in Troy with Pat and me.  Now, she loves on my babies almost as big as I loved on her.

3. Popscicles
img_20160608_194751.jpgEverybody is enjoying an awful lot of them.

The kids spend a good bit of the morning (or afternoon if I can stand the heat) playing in the water table and a low spot on the patio where they make mud.  That turns into somebody sitting in water, having water poured on them, fighting over the water hose, and/or needing to take off all their clothes.

Sometimes two or three times a day.

But Popsicles give us a few minutes of quiet. So I’m letting them eat a bunch of them.

No shame.

4. Margaret Hannah is going pro in frog catching. 20160609_122826.jpg They come out right at dark, and sister goes to work getting them off the patio.  Amos is amazed watching her scoop them up and dump them in the sago palm, and Hank feels safest holding the light to keep from squealing when she gets too close to him with one.

5. Crispitos.

Insert all the heart eye and colored heart emojis here.

20160609_122906.jpgI miss them so much since I stopped teaching.  If you don’t know about them, you haven’t lived.  If you don’t like them, shut your mouth.

Our school system has a summer lunch program that is free to children 18 and under, and super cheap for adults.  After we visited the daycare for a bit this morning and found out they were serving Crispitos on this great day, I couldn’t pass them up.

Hank ate his, MH tried hers and settled for the banana, and Amos took that one bite I caught in the picture of his banana.  He did enjoy the chocolate milk, but couldn’t fathom widening is food portfolio to include these amazing things.

His loss.

6. Reliving their childhood20160608_185714.jpgAmos likes to think about the times he spent rocking in this contraption.  He’s totally cool with sharing it with Porter, but when it’s empty?  Little brother likes to pretend he can still fit inside.

Margaret Hannah as decided all the clothes Porter wears, even the stuff that has Porter’s name on it, was one time hers.  Forget that they’re boy clothes.  They once belonged to her.  And she remembers the times she wore them.

Just ask her.

Hank wants to hear all the stories of what he was like as a baby.  He’s most intrigued with what a due date is and seems to know why he didn’t come live with us on his.  I have no idea where he came up with any of his story, but he’s sticking to it.  Matter of fact, he’s been telling some form of this tale since he was 2.

The short version is there was this massive pond he and all of the other kids he knew were supposed to live with us in Heaven would play near.  He could go there any time he wanted with all the other kids, and he knew that when the adult came out to tell them it was time to come inside, then that would be the time he was supposed to come live with us.

There’s more to it, but it’s strange.  It’s even more weird that he’s been right about so much, but for now, I just answer his due date questions with how Hangry I was while I was in labor with him.  He’s good with that.

Hopefully the photo dump will hold you over.

For now, Imma go reach a little more to make it look like I did a lot of housework today. It’s good for morale and junk.



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