Things I’m Thankful For

Remember that time I told you about how hard it was juggling all the things in the land?  When I was complaining about the stress of life?  And when dropping some of the balls was the only  way to find some peace?

Well, it’s still crazy hectic up in huurrr, but swimming lessons started at just the right time.  The big kids are living it up at the daycare while Porter and I get to know each other. To not have to tell someone to stop jumping off the dog crate or open the 15th capri sun that were only supposed to be for lunch has done wonders for us bounding.

Nursing was suffering big time, but we’re finding our groove.  Things are getting better, and it’s amazing what a little bit of quiet can afford you.

To redeem my whiny self, I wanted to write about a few things I’m thankful for.  To remind myself on those days when the balls are scattered on the ground instead of up in the air how good this stage of our lives really is.

13466108_10101254200274842_6295151522456341525_nI’m thankful for a husband who cleans the bathroom.  He does a lot of other things, but that’s one I’m especially excited about.  He’s funny (mostly), listens to our children (unless it’s whining. We have a zero tolerance policy on that one), plays the latest version of candy crush (insert eye roll), and cooks the perfect steak.

Being able to do life with him is pretty much the best.  I gripe when he has to work late and absolutely cannot wrap my mind around why he can’t push his chair up at the table, but I can overlook it mainly because he changes lightbulbs, locks the doors every night before bed, and does all the junk that needs to be done outside.

I am VERY thankful he’s ours.

I’m thankful for a daycare and work place that believes in summer fun, using your imagination, and getting dirty.  And for Madi’s and Tata’s who send me pictures when my kids are doing those things.

This is two fold.  I’m also thankful they fell asleep as quick as they did after this fun.

There’s something wonderful about watching almost whatever you want whenever you want it.  We’re all thankful for both of these services being at our fingertips in our living room.

Margaret Hannah can watch Little Einsteins as long as someone changes the input on the TV for her, Amos can squeal over Mighty Machines any time he’s allowed to pick what they watch, and Hank can find out what it’s like to NOT get to watch Power Rangers and the like when he gets in trouble  for high-ya-ing my gardenia bush and his sister.  Little eyes see lots.  Especially if it has to do with round house kicks and jumping off high crap.

You already know about my love affair with binge watching

d42b699e-d74d-41d1-9907-df7f12f63783I’m ridiculously thankful for the DockATot.  It helps him sleep so well he throws his hands up.  I can’t say enough good things about it.  If babies are in your life, or will be in the near future, get one.  NOW!

13512078_10101256918906682_8059310130287311154_nI’m thankful for little boys who like Oreos and milk.

And even more thankful for little boys who know how important it is to put down a napkin (or bath cloth, whatever’s handy) in case you spill something.

ID_IC_Family_2_10_12_HdOnIf this came in IV form, I would see if it were covered by my insurance.  I’m thankful for the Mocha, particularly.

Uh… and also for our insurance.

Both, amazing things.

I’m thankful for whoever invented text messaging.  Ain’t nobody got time for a phone conversation, especially me.

Especially when it sounds like I’ve got a mild form of Tourettes every time I’m on a call… “Yes, that sounds like a great idea! DO NOT LICK THE FRONT DOOR AGAIN!”  “No, we won’t be able to make it that night, how about we shoot for WHERE DID YOU PUT HIS DIAPER??? ok, what were we talking about?”

After you have a baby or spend time in a hospital, you get all kinds of calls from billing departments, and exit survey companies, and insurance people.  I always answer them when they call, but when they ask “Is now a good time to talk?”  I have to take a break from yelling at a kid to put a chicken back down and tell them that no, it is in fact, not a good time to answer 326 questions about how clean my hospital room was during my stay.

And that leads me to those great girls.  Our text threads are years long.  Sometimes weeks go by with nothing exchanged, but a random picture of an ugly pair of shoes or a too funny video can put us right back on track with whatever we were talking about.

Erin and Sarah, I love you both tons.  You have no idea.

12122435_10101055184798452_563035107008865681_nThis list is pretty much endless, but I’ll end it on the best note.

I’m unbelievably thankful for my mama.  She comes by sometimes to fold the tons of baskets of clothes sitting all over the living room, make stacks of things on my counter (it’s her thing… stacking stuff), and kiss on kids and babies.

Thankful isn’t even a good enough word to describe what I am for her…

I’m not even going to try to find a way to put it down.  I’ll just say I sure do love you Lisa Fay.

Tell me 5 things you’re thankful for!  I’d love to read what’s making your life so good right now!




9 thoughts on “Things I’m Thankful For

  1. I’m thankful for all 6 of our kiddos: ones that are mine, ones that are mine b/c they are his and the two that are our but are still baking.
    I’m thankful for all my good friends, especially the ones that come with tons of baby advice and life stories.
    I’m thankful for a wonderful job.
    I’m overly thankful for my precious husband who puts up with all my hormone changes 🙂 Which I totally have no control over…and I’m using that excuse as long as possible.
    I’m thankful I get to have my dose of comedy by reading your blog posts. You haven’t changed one bit in the personality department. 🙂 I love it!!!


  2. Love!
    1.Thankful for a husband who can take all my crazy. He’s genuine and strong and loves me more than I ever thought possible.
    2.For Fisher and his excitement for nearly everything. Also that he is finally completely potty trained!
    3.Thankful for my Janie girl and all her sass. Also for her sense of humor, which is an awful lot like mine.
    4. Thankful for my house!! Being a gypsy got old when there were children to consider.
    5. Health! Working with people that have experienced tragedy, illness, injury, and disability really really really makes me grateful for our (overall) good health. HFM, strep, colds, allergies…peanuts y’all. First world problems, I’m thankful that’s all we have.
    All the thanks be to the good Lord who saw fit to meet all my needs and most of my wants.


  3. I won’t be all sappy b/c you’ll block me from the blog, y’all know she will 🙂 I’m thankful for being back in church, health, family, air conditioning and raising such an independent & talented kid! I love you back Emily Jane (insert heart emoji b/c I don’t see one on here!)


  4. •A daycare who has taught my 2 year old how to just lay his sweet little head down and go to sleep. I should also say I’m sad he did it tonight because even though I had 2.5 million other things to do, rocking him is the part of my day I look forward to the most especially since I went back to work.
    •Teenagers who “cook” sloppy joes while we were at a Band Booster meeting
    •Teenagers who randomly clean up without being told, this RARELY happens but I get so excited when it does.
    •A messy house that’s full of laughter
    •Mtn Dew and Dr Pepper because they are my coffee 😂


  5. I just realized I never went back and added my thankful for list:
    #1 my hot husband. Seriously. The fact that he loves Jesus and provides for us just make him that much more! Oh and he’s been cooking lots lately (all the heart emojis)
    #2 a big brother who loves his little brother the best he knows how.
    #3 Spark. Seriously, I don’t drink coffee much anymore and cokes just don’t happen but my Spark it’s like gold in the AM.
    #4 friends who are in the newborn stage at the same time. Makes me feel more sane!
    #5 Jesus. Seriously. Jesus and Spark are keeping us fed, mostly dressed and having fun as a family of four!


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