Happy FourforJuly!


fcf32d12-3ece-499f-8e65-b434bea14960I’m a day late, but we were having too much fun yesterday to blog about it!  Having the kind of fun that gives Porter one heck of the stink eye.  Pat says it was because I put them in matching shirts.  I say it was from being forced to take 43 sibling pictures.  Either way, he’s really good at it!

The planned activity for our Holiday got shook up (shaken up?  I should Google that, buuuutt….I’m already here) but what ended up happening was PERFECT.

We’ve spent the last 5 years out at the lake, but after a busted camper AC (so many sad faces LE), we had to figure something else out.  And that friends, meant family and friends and SO MANY CHILDREN running through our house.  It was the best.

I made the kids participate in making festive shirts.  In my mind, they were going to be this from Pinterest

81c66c19275b864bf64939db9bb8e0c5But it ended with me cutting up some toilet paper rolls because no one would let me paint their hands.  Whatever, children.  Memories came from other places this FourforJuly, as MH says.  We ended up with this:photogrid_1467651708236.jpg

The weather was considerably good, if you call sweating 3 seconds after you step outside good, and the kids played in the pools an entire 8 minutes.  Pat was in charge of the grill while I slapped some cream cheese and berries on a brownie no one ate, and manned the air conditioning.7e4a1999-26c2-4509-9da4-cde0ec4bf923

What?  Patriotism, Ok?

My cousin, Anthony, and his family and our good friends Brad and Liz made sure we all had a great time.  We aren’t going to remember the food and dinner conversation.  No, we’re going to remember how many Doritos Amos ate, or how many times he said Baby Abram.  We’ll remember how many times Mary Kate disappeared to go for a joy ride on the push car.  How many times Anthony sounded his siren alarm after Hank got wild with his sparklers.  We’re going to talk about how sleepy all the babies were and how we should have bought all of the parachute cannons Mandy’s Fireworks had available.

But the one thing we’ll always bring up at future FourforJuly events (we made a deal to make next year better) is how bad we lost the neighborhood fireworks war.

Anthony brought an impressive multipack, filled with all kinds of things.  Things that misfired and were dangerous.  Things that landed on Coach Grimes’ side of the woodline and exploded inside of our big dogs pen.  Things that went off right next to Pat’s head and things that we were really happy the neighbors didn’t witness since they had to go inside for a sleepy baby.  Things that caused a lot of running-after-lighting… and then running even farther.13590323_10101269266427152_1935268086505586047_n

We will be back next year with an impressive array of loud stuff.  Stuff that makes the rest of our side of town say “What city fireworks display at the lake?  We’ve got the Ferrell House to keep us entertained!”  Stuff that memorizes our children more than what the people next door had.  Guys, it really was impressive!  Thanks for inviting us to watch.13620095_10100734223637242_6231317601149460224_nI hope you all had a memorable day with your family and friends!  The kind of day befitting a 240th birthday celebration.

We love you America.13606567_10100734223766982_2534692497453072832_nPS Thanks for the pictures, Andrea.  I think this is probably the best shot of the entire bunch!


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