Follow Thursday

It’s no secret that there’s a lot of tv watching going on in our house right now.  I don’t know what we did before Netflix… First we watched it through our wii, then we upgraded our living room TV for a smartTV, and then my parents gave us a Roku for Christmas this past year.

Game. Changer.

There are so many free channels for children on there from educational to annoying (see Pa-Pa-Pa-Ponytail song from Happy Kids), and plenty of other options for us to never have to change the input back to cable.  We haven’t been able to cut the literal cord with cable yet, but we’re moving towards doing so.

When we aren’t in front of the TV or outside blowup pool hoping, because HELLO it’s HOT!!! we’re usually looking at Instagram.  It’s probably my most favorite platform to use, and occasionally, I get pretty tangled up in looking at the recommended accounts to follow.

At the bottom of the screen, there’s a magnifying glass that suggests people and accounts you might light to look at, and Hank has become an expert at checking out who we should follow next.  I think the feature is actually called Explore, and good grief will he explore all over Instagram.


I’ve had to tell him he’s not allowed to look at the magnifying glass anymore.  On my personal Instagram account, I follow so many birth/birthing/new mom groups that my magnifying glass often shows women in various stages of labor and or delivery, someone’s usually got a boob out nursing a sweet new baby, or there’s a video of a baby being born en caul.  A little much for a 5 year old boy, even in our house.  So he’s not supposed to touch the magnifying glass.

Plus, we all know it’s hard to find quality stuff you’re ok with your children looking at online.  People are WEIRD here.

On my public account (that feed over to the left if you’re on a computer, at the bottom if you’re reading from your mobile) I’ve been a little more intentional with varying the types of people to follow.  Margaret Hannah has also figured out how to switch between my two accounts, and seems to have found her favorite type of stuff to look at.

Cake decorating videos and calligraphy.


screenshot_20160707-081005.pngClick the blue link above to go to that account.  Be prepared to spend a little time there.  Something about watching cakes being decorated is mesmerizing.

Her favorite calligraphy account to watch is this guy

screenshot_20160707-081051.pngThere are so many different people to follow who do this.  After I watch a handful of videos, I decide I could totally do the same stuff.

I can’t.

CAN NOT.  I’m not allowed to buy any more markers or pens to try, either.

Amos found a weird little niche on the platform called Oddly Satisfying.  It’s usually people playing with bubble wrap or kinetic sand.  He decided his favorite thing to watch is paint being mixed up.

I know…

But it is oddly satisfying to watch.

screenshot_20160707-081206.png Hank’s a fan of the cake decorating stuff as well, but he mostly enjoys scrolling through Fivechicksandafarmer‘s feed.  He swears that’s the only life we should be living.  He’s got grand plans for when the hens start laying eggs because of this account.

screenshot_20160707-080757.pngWe also all really enjoy looking at the Freegrassfarmer‘s account.  His videos of the ducks are pretty funny to the demographic at my house.


Now, I totally understand if these aren’t your jam.  If you would have told me 6 years ago that I would get excited about looking up sustainable farming practices or watching paint being mixed together, I would have rolled my eyes.

But now?  I’m actively searching out this type of stuff to watch with my kids.  It’s hard to find quality things we can look at together, but none of these accounts have put in a stray picture of a naked woman or included a video of a Kardashian.

Winning from all corners on that.

Who are some of your favorites to follow?  We’re always looking for new people.  I know my magnifying glass would confirm that one for sure!


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