Four Years Old

Happy happy  birthday (yesterday) Margaret Hannah Fay Ferrell!

You are one heck of wildcat we just can’t get enough of.  Unless you’re screaming.  Then I’ve had enough.  Like, I’m ready to lock you in the bathroom for a bit…

You were born with such great cheeks, Dad and I couldn’t kiss them enough.2012-07-17_13-40-45_161.jpgYou have brought so many laughs and frustration to us over the last 4 years.  Your attitude and inability to not stare at people in public are traits some call feisty.  I won’t use that word, but I do love you because of those things.

Your brothers really do adore you, your daddy is enchanted by you (it doesn’t work with me, sister), and I see the potential you have to change the world.

You don’t back down (just ask Hank), and you love to use the word exactly.  You exactly are the best little exactly girl we’ve ever had!

All you asked for this year was a Frozen party (sorry to let you down on that one) and a nerf gun better than Hank’s big one with all the bullets.  For now, you’re going to get a week of bible school and a trip to eat “Jafanese” where you can take as long as you want to eat.  Side note: Why are you such a slow eater???  Then, after this crazy week of busy we’ve got going on, you’ll get to enjoy your birthday party under the trees with the fairies, boss a few more kids around, and look at everybody like their hair is on fire when they sing Happy Birthday to you.

I know you will not let us down.

There’s no way in the world I could pick one favorite picture of you, so I’m just going to include several.  I never want you to stop knowing what you want and going after it or changing your mind because someone else told you you had to.  You do you, sister!

Happy Birthday Marnana! We love love love you!!! So much.


2 thoughts on “Four Years Old

  1. Your family is beautiful! 4 is a great start!! 😉 We were blessed with 8, one is in Heaven. Enjoy these years, they go by so quickly.


    1. Thank you for that, and how wonderful for you with such a big family! Once you’re over three and outnumbered, I mean, is it even a big deal anymore haha! We’re being sure to soak all this goodness up as much as possible.


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