When the Carpet Smells

When the carpet smells, you gotta do something about it, right?

Being a homeowner can be fun. You’ve got a roof over your head, running water at your fingertips, and a safe place to lay down at night.  All HUGE positives, really.

Then again, it can also mean you have to fix the roof when it leaks in the corner of your bedroom, screw the shower knob back on when you try to use that running water, and have to sleep on a mattress that rolls you towards the floor EVERY NIGHT you lay on it.

While we’re VERY thankful for our new home, we’re also realizing what an undertaking it is to have to maintain and update this beast.  I was a little busy mothering 3 small children and growing a fourth inside my body when we moved in, so upgrades haven’t happened like I thought they would.  This post is to give you a glimpse of what real life is like inside our house.  Messy, slightly sticky, and with a strange odor coming from some ugly carpet we won’t be changing any time soon.

Don’t be jealous.

There are so many projects I assumed we’d be tackling right when we moved in.  I don’t know where I thought the money to do them would be coming from, or when we would have time to do any of them between unpacking boxes and doing life and stuff, but I do know part of my impatience with ripping up stinky carpet in the living room and painting ugly kitchen cabinets came from that love/hate relationship with Pinterest I referenced in the party post.

When I’m looking to kill a little time, I’ll scroll through before and after pictures of kitchen renovations with dreamy eyes or search for how to cheaply paint blue bathroom tile in just one day.  After I’ve had my fill of wishing my living room had a sectional like thisa60fdc508a560737355421f3c9f05c28https://www.pinterest.com/pin/68820700533334368/

I look around at a floor littered with blankets and baby stuff, toys and sippy cups.  I sink down into a couch that is torn, broken, and sagging from all the flipping and jumping it has to endure to open my computer and day dream of when I can have a space straight out of a magazine.

20160727_152602.jpg  Not gonna happen.  Not as long as toddlers eat cosmic brownies on the loveseat or as long as husbands spill the last little bit of Coke in their cup on the side table and forget to wipe it up. All of those things remind me of how full our lives are and how much I’m lacking in the house cleaning game, but it doesn’t stop me from adding more pins to my living board.

The biggest pain in my living room rear end is the carpet.  Who picks pink,or maybe mauve, I’m not so sure, carpet to live with EVERY DAY FOREVER?  It just makes me mad when I look at it.

This room was originally a garage, and sometimes people don’t use good sense or logic when they’re doing things to homes.  I mean, we moved into someone’s “vacation house” who mulched with sea shells and must have really loved this carpet to have not changed it in the years they were here.  They also did a great job with whatever that big spot is by the door.

20160727_152608It smells weird, it’s growing, and why did anyone decide a cutout of some white carpet would be PERFECT in the most heavily trafficked area of the room?  I don’t understand.  Do you have a gross spot that plagues your home?  We do, and it’s that mess.  I’d love for my entry way to look less like that and pretty much this way1fb746e60d1e45fecd2f5f14ebb6a77d


But it doesn’t.  And it won’t.

Usually, I get over the fact that this yuck carpet isn’t going anywhere for a while. Seriously, it’s flippin’ expensive to redo floors in this economy.  I get over it long enough to move into the kitchen to shake my head at why our table can never stay clear for more than 24 hours at a time.  Pinterest says my table should look a little more like thisede6939d8ea4bf8a8f6df6affbe666dfhttps://www.pinterest.com/pin/264375440603319926/

and a little less like this

20160727_152637.jpgSo far I’m losing at making that a thing.  I can usually pile junk up at one end, and every few weeks move it into our catchall room or onto the counter to go through, but it’s hard.

You know you do it to. Just stop.

When I’m done shuffling old Sams sale papers and bags from Walmart I forgot were put at that end of the table, I have to walk by what used to be the living room for this home.  We call it the playroom, but really, it’s just where nerf guns go to die.  I could write one heck of a rant on age appropriate toys and play spaces as well as what types of developmentally appropriate things kids need until I’m blue in the face, but then I come across a pin about dream playrooms and lose my dang mind.8110bfa143773bc2bdf62de8b14c0e34https://www.pinterest.com/pin/207658232794725504/

We could SO make that happen.  Like, for real.

Except, no.  This is life:20160727_152647This room doesn’t even have a light fixture in it.

WHY?  Why is there a room in any home without a light fixture in it somewhere?  There are 2 separate light switches, but no actual light.


At least the children have a place to throw their play food and dress-up clothes when I tell them to go read some books.

We joke all the time about what we must be turning on or off over in the neighbors house while we question why there is yet another different type of carpet in this house.

If I can’t change everything I want RIGHT.NOW, at least I can take pride in the cleanest spot in our home; the back hallway.20160727_152658It’s the one place in the entire house free of stray underwear, bouncy seats, and magnadoodles. Sometimes I walk down it just to bask in it’s clutter-free glory.  It’s not cool like this hallway from the HGTV 2015 Dream Home, with it’s cool beams and board and batten walls,75ea0f5ab01de48e080191463fa11187.jpgbut it does funnel us into the different bedrooms and bathrooms we need to be in very efficiently.  And doesn’t have smelly carpet.

For that, I am thankful.

I have to remind myself frequently that stinky carpet is lived on carpet.  Cluttered  counters are a fact of life for us.  Playrooms with scattered toys all over are areas that made a kid happy for a time.  So when the carpet starts to smell, I just have to remind myself that we’re doing life as best we can.  I’m choosing to rock babies a little longer and braid 4 year old hair like Elsa’s instead of scrubbing up the spots or clearing away the crap.

I’ll spray that junk with some Fabreez for now.  I’ve got to get back to helping color robots and look for the puppies on the latch board, instead.

Post a link to a picture (or the actual picture) in the comments of the one place in your home that serves as your smelly carpet spot.  If you’re felling a little more glass half full today, show us your favorite spot like my hallway.  I’m not the nosy type (I lie. I am. A lot.) but I LOVE seeing inside REAL homes that REAL PEOPLE live in.  Don’t let me down, friends.  Right now, I keep getting whiffs of the stinky carpet and it’s making my Pinterest living room lust grow out of hand.


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