Because It’s a Tuesday

Yesterday was the Monday-est Monday I’ve seen in a while.

So Mondayish I couldn’t even manage a post. 

Let me just tell you about it. 

With a list.

1.We went back to work. I say we since the kids go with me everyday. 

If you have to go back after having a baby, getting to take all your babies with you makes it pretty bearable. I really am thankful for that. 

He was least concerned with how significant the day was. 

2.Amos went with me to make a quick, work related run to Walmart in the next town over. Only about a 15 minute drive, but that was just the time he needed to find and inhale a Hershey Bar. He melted more of it than he ate, so his carseat and face were unreal when we got back. 

3. Hank wanted me to pull his bottom tooth. It’s been loose for more than a month, and a few nights ago, he got a little weird about it. He was all reminiscing about the times he’d spent with that tooth and wanted to remember all the good things it had done for him. He decided he didnt want to pull it afterall.

I convinced him it would be best to pull it instead of accidently swallowing it the next day while he was playing in the water slide. 

He is expecting gold coins under his pillow. He’s going to be upset when he realizes the tooth fairy was straight up low on any kind of cash and writes him an IOU. 

Just kidding! He got a $2 bill , and we’ve got one heck of a funny story to tell him someday about trying to make the tooth- for-cash swap while he, Marnana, and Amos were all asleep on the same pillow on the top bunk. 

The only reason this feels Monday-y is because we go to kindergarten orientation Thursday.  Like, I’ve got enough on my emotional plate right now.  I don’t need first teeth falling out to heap on to it. He’s going to be moving out when I turn around. 

Just stop already.

4.We finished Stranger Things Monday night. I have mixed feelings about it. I throughly enjoyed the title sequence and nostalgia it worked so hard to create. But what about Eleven? 

I’ll leave it at that until the rest of you watch it with one eye closed, and we can catch up on it together. 

5. We got town drama. 

Pat & his boss were at the workshop before the weekly council meeting (that’s his boss on the far left addressing the council), and the kids were crazy exited to see their dad stand all up in the way of the camera for a few seconds. 

We knew there were some touchy things on the agenda, and in the spirit of staying informed and being a good citizens, we wanted to watch the meeting replay. There were Monday style technical difficulties, and it got cut short.  I don’t know that I can wait until the newspaper comes out on Wednesday afternoon to find out what went down!

Anyway, I’m over Monday. So much so that I’m going on with Tuesday.

Now, you tell me 2 things that made your Monday all Mondayish, please. It’ll make our Tuesday better, I feel like. 


4 thoughts on “Because It’s a Tuesday

  1. We have the plague. Seriously. Ok, not really but still sickness. I’ve been so confused on the days. Hoping tomorrow looks healthier and cleaner because I’m about to Clorox and Lysol the whole house.


    1. Amos said “Make Ram no more poops, please Jesus” at the blessing tonight šŸ˜„ I almost sent you a snap of it while he was saying it but thought thr Lord might not be cool with snapchat. Prayers for no more sick & lots of feel betters!


  2. We just finished Stranger Things over the weekend. I have mixed feelings about it. Like you, I enjoyed seeing pieces of all those childhood movies – ET, The Goonies, Stand By Me, Close Encounters, etc. – but it left me wanting a little more. I am glad Season 2 will be a sequel, though.
    On another Netflix note, if you haven’t yet watched, I recommend Marcella. We watched it before Stranger Things (came out at the same time, Netflix original, 1 season with 8 episodes right now, etc., etc.) and I’m glad we did. I enjoyed it wayyyy more.


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