Photo Dump

This first week back at work got me like WHOA! so I’m dragging a little in my prepared posts. 

I couldn’t even churn out one for Thursday because we were at kindergarten orientation. Since I’m not capable of deep thought, I’m doing the next best thing, and loading this down with plenty of pictures to highlight the past week. 

Don’t judge, this mama is tired.

Confession: I don’t like the tooth fairy. 

Hank has been more into her than Santa for a while, and that’s just more pressure than I need in my life right now. He had it all figured out about how she was getting in our house, finding his room, and swapping the tooth for cash. 

Pat and I weren’t that prepared. The conversation we had about what we should do went exactly like this: 

Me: I don’t even have any cash

Pat: I think I’ve got a $100

Me: NEGATIVE. We’re not starting off on that foot. I know I’ve got plenty of change.  Reckon he’ll mind getting a handful of quarters? 

Pat:Did you let him put the tooth under the pillow? 

Me: Well, yes! Where else would he put it? 

Pat: You just ruined his childhood! What if he wakes up while my hand is under his pillow? How do I even explain that? 

Me: Tell him you were just checking to see if she’d been yet. Or if it’s too hard to put your hand back under there, we can leave it on the table with a note. He’ll be good with that, I feel like. 

Pat: I can’t believe you pulled his tooth without even thinking this through, Emily! 

We worked it out.  He’ll never knowπŸ˜‰

Water slide days are hectic at the daycare, but this really is the stuff they’ll always remember about this place. 

I’ll never forget the summers I spent out here, and I’m glad they all get to experience it,too!This boy loves a good bouncy seat,  and the babies room happens to have a REALLY GOOD one. I miss our afternoon naps on the couch together, but I love that he’s just in the next building up from me.

He ate waffles for supper the other night. HUGE NEWS at our house. HUGE!

We’ve been getting lots of afternoon rain for the past week or so. It’s either full on knock the power out thunderstorms, or heavy rain showers while the sun is still shining. Wednesday, the latter was going on so I let the kids play in it. They could not stop whining about how wet they were getting. 

This life. I’m telling ya.

Kindergarten orientation (Orien-in-botation according to Hank & MH) went on last night.  I walked away with an overwhelmed sense over the realness of this event,  Pat walked away with excitement over finding out Hank should be reading by October, and Hank walked away with a healthy fear of needing to always sit in the correct position any time he’s ever on a school bus. 

Monday is going to be here so stinking fast.

And to drive home the sentimental theme for today, that’s a picture of my sweet boy on his cot at daycare for the last time. Almost 6 years of that horse nap mat, and just like that, it’s over.

I’ll manage, he’ll thrive, and we’ll all get some longer hugs over these next few days, for sure.


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