Twas the First Week of Kindergarten…

And all through our house, little brothers were sneaking snacks from the backpacks like he’d never be able to eat another meal again.

Seriously, 3 times this week, I’ve caught that Swipper grabbing things from Hank’s snack pocket and trying to inhale them before being discovered.

The early mornings haven’t been too rough since we were already in the habit of being up AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE. Margaret Hannah springs out of bed the second she notices the sun is up and likes to go through the house shutting off sound machines.  The 6:15 alarams haven’t been hard for anyone but Pat.  He’s a loser at the morning routine.  See The Morning Struggle for more info on that, and then say a prayer for him.  He’s got about a week left of not pulling his weight, then it’s out to the chicken coop for his hiney.

In the mean time, I’m just rejoicing that it’s Friday!

Hank has had a great first week of school.  The first day drop off was tear free on all accounts.  Pat was rushing me out of the classroom, so I was more focused on being mad at him for poopooing on the moment than on having to leave Hank at that HUGE desk.  Pretty sure his desire to bolt was because he was trying to keep it together himself.  He all but shooed me out of that room before I could get more than these few pictures

That last one his teacher sent me.  It works in your favor to have graduated high school and college with the teacher.  I know she’s looking out for him, for sure!

I still can’t wrap my head around how just the other day he was mesmorized by all things fire trucks (he still kind of is) and would only wear green shirts (seriously, there were 13 we rotated through his entire 2nd year of life). Now he’s going through a lunch line right by himself and locking the door in the bathroom because there’s a boy in a different room who doesn’t know how to use the urinal and asked Hank to teach him 😜🙈

His rundown of what he did every day has mainly consisted of who moved to which color for not following rules, what color line he got to walk on in PE, if he saw any buddies from his tball team and the daycare, and how the kids acted on the school bus.

The elementary school is within sight of the daycare, so the first stop the school bus makes is there.  He’s on it an entire 30 minutes, I think, and there seems to be more going on in it than during his 7 hours in school.  20160809_145836.jpgKnowing he would be on it was a little more emotional for me than leaving him at school.  I was so worried his type A, rule follwoing, do it the right way personality would be overwhelmed.  It was, but he seems to be dealing with it in true Hank fashion: Giving us a full report of every wrong doing the second he gets home and telling the Lord about it when we pray at supper.


When it’s not raining, we’re spending our afternoons doing this becuase he’s 5, and it’s summer, and that wildcat sister of his missed him more than anyone.  We’re also still living off the last bit of weekend fun we had before this hectic week got going.

Last Saturday, we needed that last hoorah before he left us forever, because that’s like a rule or something.  Do something really fun before you go back to school or your child will have a crap year I think is how it goes according to Pinterest.  I voted for a long weekend at the beach, but Pat threw his back out sitting at a kid table the weekend before and we’re broke.  We compromised with bowling.

He held the baby while Hank, Marnana, and Amos tried their best to put as little effort as possible into rolling the ball down the lane.  I felt like we were going to have to call the attendant three different times, but instead, it just took 4 minutes to get through each frame.  Add in 2 poop breaks for MH, a few trips for Amos to run up and down a ramp, a stop to help baby Abram, 400 “YOUR FINGER WILL GET PINCHED IF YOU DON’T MOVE YOUR HAND” talks, and one game was all we were capable of. Kylee even ended up taking over Amos’s turns because he couldn’t even anymore.

Since I’m an only child, being able to do family things with my cousin, Anthony, and his family is perfect.  We have adult friends who are in the same life boat as us with the added benefits of calling them family.  Nobody gets offended at a delined invitation because we all gots kids, and we all agree the fanciest place to eat at this stage in our lives is Chic-fil-A. Win win, honey.

Also having a great week is that cutie pie.  Wednesday was official move up at the daycare, so Porter got the chance to stretch out on the floor (and brand new carpet HOORAY!!!) since the crawlers are now in the bigger babies room.

The weekend will be full of nothing, if you need us.  The earlier alarms haven’t been much trouble, but the bedtime law enforment agent named Dad hasn’t left much room for catching up on Big Brother or being able to watch our favorite family Youtubers The Bucketlist Family & Justin Rhodes.  That’s the kind of nothing we’ll be doing Saturday. BECAUSE WE CAN.

And all God’s people said…

Alright! Alright! Alright! Two whole days to NOT yell at each other over packs of muffins and which shoes you can wear on the playground!  And to also not have to remember to look at the lunch menu for the 4th time the night before.

How was your week?  Let me know if it was as exciting as finding your hens first eggs in the corner of the chicken coop or if it was as annoying has having a little sister jolt you from sleep by shutting off your cozy sound machine.13892104_10101305388882462_4392676344875590194_n.jpg


One thought on “Twas the First Week of Kindergarten…

  1. So excited for the first eggs, may they be the first of many. We have gotten our first chicks over the last few weeks, which we weren’t going for so that was a nice surprise. Just glad I didn’t boil them before they hatched. Just a heads up not sure if they laid eggs in nest, but I have found if you leave an egg in the next they seem to get the message hey I’m suppose to lay this think there…just make sure you mark the ones you leave cause you end up with babies or rotten eggs, one of these things is nice one of these things is NOT!!!


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