Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That

There’s a lot of “that” popping up in our lives lately.  Right this minute it’s this cold that jumped on me over the weekend.  Sick days aren’t a real thing when you have small children.  It mattered zero bits this past Saturday when I was toting an entire box of Kleenex around,and living my life off the first Benadryl I’ve had in more than a year to any of my children or husband.

Food still had to appear, diapers still needed to be changed, and for some reason, NO ONE was capable of locating the remote controls.  I’m positive every time I closed my eyes, even if just for a blink, somebody needed a drink refill or help in the bathroom.  I only wanted to pile up on the couch for a legit sick day, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Thankfully, my mom came to the rescue after Church Sunday by letting the big 3 nap and play at her house for the afternoon.

Pat and I thought for 3 whole seconds about starting a movie he found on Amazon, then he laughed at that mess on the way to the bedroom for his nap while I laughed at that mess on my way to the couch for my nap with Porter.  I’m thinking back to that good rest to get me through the week.  Ain’t got time for anymore of it just yet.

Something else I ain’t got time for is a bad car battery.  Friday, we were loaded and ready to go by 7:30.  Pat had already left to take Hank to school, and the other 3 kids made it to their car seats without pinching each other OR taking off their shoes.  Seriously, what about getting in a vehicle says “Yeah, go ahead.  Take your shoes off as soon as you sit down!”???  I don’t get it.

Anyway, we were all in and set, but my truck wouldn’t crank.  Seems like some sweet little Amos likes to turn the cargo lights on all willy nilly.  We had to wait for Pat to get out of the drop off line to jump us off, and nothing about the text to your coworkers to tell them you’ll be late is fun.

As much as I would like to be watching the Olympics, I ain’t got time to be keeping up with 4 different NBC channels to find the good stuff.   I missed Usain Bolt’s cocky grin in the homestretch.  I did manage to catch badminton.  Yes, really.  But I’d rather be watching the steeplechase or ribbon dancing.  Instead, we watched 7 different versions of Mrs, Trunchable show off some impressive clean and jerks.  So, I guess there’s that.

Cooking.  That’s something else I rarely got time for. I want to be healthy and eat things that don’t come out of a box, but I mean, geez! Kraft just knows how to make a mean batch of macaroni, and 4 out of our 6 will eat it.  I can’t manage anything more complicated right now.

And while I could keep going with this whiny bit, I’ll end it on a high note.  Time with my babies seems to just be flying by.  There’s always something that needs to be done, but I’m choosing to rock somebody a little longer, paint some cute toenails for a third time this week, pick the best robot drawing for the fridge, and be served an empty coolwhip bowl of “so hot” soup.  I’ve always got time for that good stuff!

What about you?  Whatchu ain’t got time for this week?


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