Partying in Our Pajamas

I’m here to let you all know that from now until we stop attending birthday parties, we will only be showing up in our pajamas.  Thank you, Sara and Whitni, for hosting a joint party for Amelia and John Thomas that required all the children to show up in sleepwear.

Party. Game. Changer.

No one fussed about their clothes, I didn’t have to feel guilty about not putting FOUR children in coordinating outfits, and there were no tears over having to strip down at nap since everyone was already dressed for it.  I love you, Sara and Whitni.  I also really loved those breakfast casserole muffins.unnamed

I’m also here to tell you that having adult friends with little children is life.  It’s right up there with being able to party in our pajamas.

We rarely do things with other people because there is SO MUCH that has to line up when you got all these kids.  Naps, diaper bags, full baby bellies, attitudes, enough nutrigrain bars, clean clothes, matching clothes, actual clothes and not pajamas… They’ve all gotta be working together to make an invitation to do something with another family possible.

The Saturday night stars aligned just enough to allow us a straight up WILD night out around the kitchen table at my sweet friend, Tabitha’s, house.  Between Pat and me, Tabitha and John, and Sara and Levi, a whopping 12 children were running wild and free.  Ok, so three were confined to reclined positions just being 3 weeks and 3 months old, but there were A LOT of kids.  And minimal tattling. I’m sad to say the only picture I managed of the entire night was the Butterfinger Pie dip I took.unnamed (1).jpg

Any good mama knows the only way  to have a conversation with another adult is for it to be interrupted as many times as possible by children.  And us three mama’s were straight pros this night.  It meant so much to be able to be around friends.  To catch up and forge new relationships.  Good stuff for a Saturday night.

It’s not easy doing the mom gig.

You all know that.

Sometimes the stress and frustration from sleep deprivation and not using the bathroom without an audience spills over into other areas of your life.  Relationships you once made a priority to make work fall by the wayside.  Sometimes those people you’ve had to turn away from for a time just don’t get it.  Then other times, they are SO right there with you and can shoot a catch up text or 4 in between loading the dishwasher and changing a diaper that lets you know all you need to hold you over for another week of not having a meaningful conversation with anyone other than your spouse.

My BFFs are currently two women who are either super busy raising 3 under 4 or teaching a class full of first graders full time.  “Weekly rundown:  R got an awesome work opportunity.  L starts PreK and we LOVE the school.  H is Marnana level independent.  Sweet Lu is so stinking funny these days. Let me tell you a bout what she did while we were at the beach” comes in over the course of 10 texts around midnight because that’s all the time Sarah has right now.  My reply takes a few days to make it’s way to her, but it’s that little bit of effort that makes her my mama soul mate.  She gets it.

Then a round of hilarious snaps from Erin about getting her classroom in order and taking Finn to the groomer gets a response from me about Hank losing a tooth and showing her a video of Charming crow.  Plenty of choppy conversation to let each other know “Hey!  I value this form of communication, and I know how busy you are.  I am putting forth the maximum amount of effort I am currently capable of to be sure we stay friends.” And it just works.

That’s my roundabout way to say, being able to have dinner in a home with children running everywhere with people  you want to be around is wonderful.

It would have been AH- MAZE- ING if we would have all been in our pajamas, amiright?  That’s one word, BTW. 

unnamed (4)

Since we can’t go in public in our pajamas all the time, that bunch has adopted a no-clothes-at-all rule the second they get in the house… or even outside the house.  Near the house, really.

They wake up as soon as light filters through their window and launch their nearly naked little bodies all over the couch.  They sit super close to each other, fight about how close someone is, and then immediately start asking for food.  If I fix them something different than what I’m having, they want mine.  If we all have the same thing, they want a pack of crackers or dry cereal.  They’re weird sometimes.

I’ve decided when they’re older, I’m going to walk around in not-so-much clothing, make sure my leg is touching them when I sit RIGHT NEXT TO THEM on the love seat, and only eat what they make for themselves every time we have breakfast together.  I think it will work.

unnamed (3)Since I’m putting so much work into keeping what few friends I have, I’m not even worried that I got nothin’ when it comes to figuring out how to segue into the story of how we ate the second rooster, Pan.

So here it is:  He was good.  He made for a great pot of chicken noodle soup on a rainy Sunday after church.  Thanks, Pan.  Charming may be next if he doesn’t get his crowing under control.  He does it at the weirdest times.

unnamed (2)If the neighbor’s flock don’t watch their backs, they may be next.

I’m kidding!  We like these guys too much.  Except when they hold up morning school traffic.

thoseferal-ferrellsI’m also seriously considering chaining my page header to include this.  I feel like I owe it to Eleven..

I hope your Monday is so amazing that it feels like you never had to get out of your pajamas.  I also hope you’re able to pick up right where you left off with new friends, long lost friends, and that sweetie pie lady who always asks you the same three questions when you run into her at the grocery store.

Now, friends, I need to ask a favor.  Saturday morning, I found out a former student of mine from the very first school I taught at passed away suddenly and unexpectedly.  She had a baby a few weeks ago, was only 24 years old, and leaves behind a husband and heaps of family who I’m sure will never let sweet Addie Beth forget how amazing her mama really was. I’m asking for you to please offer up a few extra prayers for Katelyn Owens and her family if you could.  My mama heart was rocked hard with this news, and I can’t even begin to imagine what all goes with a tragedy like this.  Remember Katelyn’s husband and baby, and give your people all kinds of extra love right now.

Hopefully this goes without saying, but please don’t leave any comments offering me support.  Send all you got straight on up on Katelyn’s behalf.  Addie Beth deserves that much.


2 thoughts on “Partying in Our Pajamas

  1. We had so much fun!! You’re so right, we know how to be interrupted and jump right back into conversation. Can’t wait to do it again!


  2. Having friends with kids is the best! There is nothing better than grilling and sipping a cocktail with friends while all the kids run around like heathens πŸ™‚ I feel like it gives us all a little mental health check!


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