How to Effectively Run a Large Household

Because so many people have trouble understanding how big families work, I figured families of all sizes could use a list to look back on.  You know, the important things you need to effectively and successfully OWN your household. #Boss, if you will.

If you think of any you would like to see on the list, please leave me a comment!  I know I’m going to leave some good ones off.

  1. Always have plenty of toilet paper.  Or a kid who is capable of bringing you more when you reach critical stage and notice someone didn’t change out the roll.  *Side Note* Why is this so hard???
  2. Become a short order cook or your people will starve.
  3. Never let the washing machine stop.
  4. Encourage your children to be independent.  Ours know how to bathe, brush their teeth, put their clothes and shoes on, open a pack of muffins, and operate Netflix.  We call this #winning.
  5. Develop the ability to eat dinner in under 5 minutes.  Heck, just eat while you’re cooking if you want it while it’s hot.
  6. Learn to shower with an audience.
  7. Buy in bulk, and leave the last 2 packs of whatever in the HUGE box so it’ll take up a lot of space in your pantry.
  8. Make your children watch your favorite children’s shows and movies so you can live with yourself.
  9. Introduce family members to good music. Aint nobody got time for kidzbop on a car ride.
  10. Make a playlist with your favorite kid’s movie songs to fulfill #8 & 9 on the list while cooking a meal only 2 out of the 6 people in your home will eat.
  11. Teach responsibility.  We do this by letting the almost 6 year old take out the garbage, the 4 year old put up clothes, the 2 year old wipe the table after meals, and the baby to look cute.
  12. Have a lot of animals to add to the chaos.
  13. Be ok with your children wearing things that in no way could ever possibly pass as cute clothing.  If it means you get to lay in bed for 6 more minutes, you go with it, Mama.
  14. Yell a lot about things that don’t require a raised voice.
  15. Embrace bad photos.
  16. Learn to love sitting on broken furniture.
  17. Pretend all the clutter isn’t actually there and it will bother you less.
  18. Conquer the world during nap time… Or just binge watch what’s in your que that isn’t appropriate for little ears.
  19. Become a pro at dividing dessert 4 ways.
  20. Love the heck outta each other!

I wouldn’t trade this pile-o-people living in my house for anything!  I also never knew I would need a list like this…

Whatchu got to add to the mix?  What helps your home run smoothly?


2 thoughts on “How to Effectively Run a Large Household

  1. Accept that messy mommy buns are acceptable hairstyles for everywhere. Even church when your hairbrush is lost and no one has seen, touched or moved it. MMB can be styled without being brushed, as I proved the last 2 weeks at church 😳

    Accept that even if you breast feed, only feed them organic food and use cloth diaper the kid will eat dog food, random food he/she finds anywhere and at some point boogers.

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  2. My favorite on your list is the one about teaching responsibility. I LOVE that you said you do this by “letting” them do the particular chore instead of making them. I obviously don’t have kids, but I think that’s so important to teach them young that life is about responsibility and you have to work hard. I think a lot of parents these days forget that and instead instill a sense of entitlement in their children.


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