I Can’t This Week

Photo dumping my way through this great Wednesday.  Two days late from our Monday usual & not even apologizing for nothing going up on Thursday. This week has kicked my butt, & IT’S NOT EVEN OVER, GUYS!

This kid will touch anything. She had to run inside to tell me she’d found a slug and was going to be it’s mother.

Then she fed it to the chickens.

This kid found his toes, and he’s VERY serious about it.  He hasn’t stopped holding on to them since he realized they were there, and it’s pretty much the cutest thing in the world.

So, last week, our outdoor White English Bulldogs got out.  They haven’t done that since we moved to the new house, but they managed to do it three times between Thursday and Friday.  They don’t have a good track record with cats, so when I saw one who had moved on across the Rainbow Bridge, I wasn’t shocked.  I was more worried that they had gotten after all the geese and ducks in the neighborhood.

We got them put back up, fixed where we thought they had gotten out, and went to work.  I asked my mom to stop by to check on them mid morning the next day, and she called to tell me they were chillin’ under the trampoline with something that was screaming.


Ends up, it was a litter of bunnies, not the neighbor’s little white dog.  It was all bad.  I’m not making up for it by any means, but I was slightly relieved it wasn’t someone’s pet.

And that’s the long way to say we took them to the vet, dropped $600 on getting them up to date on their shots, and finding out that other than a little bout of hook worms, they’ll pretty much live for another 45 years.

Then Monday afternoon, Pat was weed eating under the trampoline and accidentally hit another bunny.  In an effort to atone for all the other life lost over the past week,  I took that bunny to a wildlife sanctuary an hour away from our house at 7pm.

Pray for their souls, will you?

9 long months without getting to go to paint class finally ended and I painted this fun rooster.  Amos calls it a Woo-sa and Marnana reminds me every time she looks at it that it looks NOTHING like Charming.

I know.
Sink baths are the best.  And I think I may still make the kids use baby soap even after they’re grown so I can always smell what they smelled like when they were this little.

We officially started the new school year at daycare.  That sweet toddler wore big boy unnerwares and gets to hold the flag for the Pledge.  He cute.

When I asked if we could take a first day of preschool picture for her last year at daycare, she told me she didn’t want to.  Then she followed it up with “I been goin’ there all my life, mom.”

And I think big brothers like this should be in everyone’s lives.  He does such a great job helping, being attentive, and making sure everyone else is taken care of.  He also never puts his shoes up, drags his backpack all over the place, and has a hard time realizing that every meal doesn’t end with dessert.  I’m ok with time slowing down, also.

Here’s to a good weekend, no more big dog tragedies, and less creepy things finding their way into our house.


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