Kids in Cars Making a Mess

Have you guys seen Jerry Seinfeld’s series Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee?

No?  Go watch this first.  This is my favorite episode, because Miranda Sings speaks to my 14 year old sense of humor.

Some students (Thanks Alex Ann and Madi) showed me a video of hers on YouTube way back in 2011.  They thought she was being serious, and I recognized the genius of her act right way.  I’ve been silently taking all the credit for her success among the tween crowd in the years since.  I feel like I  helped her get there by sharing her videos when someone needed a good laugh.

*sidenote* If you don’t laugh at her, we can’t be friends.

ANYWAY. Long way to get to my point.

Letting children in your vehicle can be about as eventful as Miranda’s ride with Jerry.

There is always so much complaining. Someone’s too close.  He’s touching me.  She just threw my sunglasses in the back.  It never ends.

Throw in a stale muffin and a rouge sippy cup that has turned into some minimum security prison hooch and it can be down right RANK when the wind is just right.

We had been getting whiffs of something that smelled slightly off for a few weeks that we just could not find.  I mean, it’s not like I went on some massive hunt for it or anything.  I just asked “Do you smell that???” every time someone got in the truck with us.  Pat was especially tired of it after we had a load full of farty little boys in every available seat this weekend for Hank’s birthday movie trip.


I’ll be back Thursday with a total recap of how much fun this trip was for our boy, but for now, I WISH I had a picture of them all together when they were in the babies room at the daycare to put next to this one.  I’m so thankful he’s got such a great group of little boys to call pals, and that I’ve been able to watch them all grow together.

After we dropped everyone off to the correct homes, Pat broke out the shop vac, and we purged that Expedition like nobody’s business.  FOUR socks with no matches, two pair of tennis shoes, handfuls of raisins, a piece of a poptart, exploded Chic-Fil-A Polynesian sauce, 15 ink pens, and 3 packs of wipes.  All just in the back seats.

The smell was located as well:  A moldy floor mat that Marnana SWEARS she’s never poured her capri sun out onto. She volunteered that information.  I didn’t even have to ask if she’d spilled something.  Her honesty is admirable.

I’m very thankful I have a husband who thinks clean vehicles are important.  I do not.  But he does, and he knows acts of service is one of my love languages.  Think flowers and candy are the way to this girl’s heart?  No way.  Unload the dishwasher and vacuum my truck without me having to ask, and I’m yours pretty much.

Also thankfully, his love language is quality time. So in a way, me parked in a camp chair watching the kids lure a stray kitten into the yard next to the passenger side of my truck while he threw socks and raisins out the window was the ideal date night.

I wish I would have taken pictures, but I reconciled that with knowing we’d be back in this same situation in a few months.  I’ll just take some then.

As long as there are children in the back seat, I figure I’ll always be trying to sniff out that strange smell and sweeping chip crumbs off the console.  I also think I could resurface our driveway with the amount of gravel that accumulates on my drivers side floor mat.

And that, my friends, is the universe’s way of saying to enjoy life, time with loved ones, and loud music when your drive, I think.

Leave me a comment with a random item you’ve found in your vehicle.  Bonus points for only hearing Miranda’s voice from now on when you read the words “Hey Guys,” or want to say “Stop asking me all these qwesshins” when you feel like you’re being interrogated by your children.

OH!!! And since we cleaned a lot of stuff this weekend, I came across the first picture Pat and I took together.  Babies, pretty much.  14 whole years ago at the end of October.img_20160925_202416.jpg



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