Phone Dump… Again.

I know I always start out the phone dump posts with “I can’t handle much more blah blah blah,” but like, that’s the truth.

We’re back on the sick train, and I’d just like to say how much I LOVE having a big family except for germ sharing and getting in & out of a vehicle. Stuff never really goes away, and it’s like herding cats.

If we could all have the same thing and get over it, I might have more of my sanity intact, but as it were, the last 5 weeks have been filled with 11 co-pays, 3 antibiotics, a round of eye drops, a topical cream, and 8 different diagnoses. 

I’m over it, yall!

So here, look at some pictures and give me a few more days to work on a legit post, ok?

Pat took all kinds of initiative and white washed the fireplace. We’ve been talking about doing it since we moved in 1 whole year ago, but we couldn’t find the right time to do it. He cleaned grout like a boss, scraped up tons of candle wax (Wha? Why?), and we had an entire uninterrupted conversation about how each other’s week went. Straight up date night, really.

My boss won a runoff and is now our towns’ mayor. 


Charming had to move out of the coop because he’s too dang loud. The full moon in August threw him off so bad that he pretty much never stopped crowing. Pat put up some solar garden lights on the ramp up to the coop and even those got his feathers ruffled. He’d catch sight of them at 2 am and step out to protect his ladies, crow 7 times, and go back in to wait until he looked back outside at the soft glow he thought might be daybreak and come out to crow some more. 

He’s enjoying his new family and hen harem from what we understand. 

We had to make a quick trip to Birmingham for an orthopedic appointment for Amos last week.  Everything checked out pretty well, and that led to a stop at the lego store, 5 orders of cinnamon sticks from Cindy Cinnamon  (Don’t know her? Poor you), and his chance to ride the carousel by himself.

He picked the frog because he knew that’s the one MH would like best.

Hank had the chance to pick anywhere for dinner the night of his birthday. He chose pancakes from my mother’s house and a cake from IGA that he could read. Easy enough.

He turned 6. I can’t even.

I spent DAYS in labor, almost starved to death in the process, and pushed out a baby with a 17 centimeter head. I love him so much and am so proud to be his mama. Except when he farts in line at the checkout, then he belongs to his dad.

These two have forged a new bond that is the funnest thing to watch. They play together almost every second they can when we’re home, pretending to take their toys to the water park (they’ve never been to one so it’s extra fun to listen to what they think happens there), driving to the bank, and playing daycare. I relish the sweet moments and they’re giving me lots here lately.

And to wrap it all up, this boy has done lost his mind when it comes to sleep. He spoiled us big with sleeping from 8pm to 4 am almost as soon as we got home from the hospital. Then he had croup last month and just can’t seem to find a good rhythm. He’s good for a solid 4 hours until 11 or 12, then it’s up almost every hour until finally, he konks out for that good sleep 28 minutes before the alarm goes off.

But he’s so dang cute that I promise to forget this bump in the sleep patterns as soon as he gets back on track.

How about you guys? Yall got the gross germs percolating at your house, too? I’m sending you lots of good thoughts and ecoupns for my favorite disinfectant right now if so!


One thought on “Phone Dump… Again.

  1. So sorry you guys have been sick! We have to Avery and HC had strep last week and Jackson has a tummy bug this week!! Hioe yall get well soon! Miss yall and BKK! 🙂


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