The Kids


This is Hank.  He’s five, loves to Cannondbald, and is always trying to plan vacations.  He’s got his own post here.

20151118_100704This is Margaret Hannah.  She’s 3, so full of sass it’s not even funny, and says what’s on her mind.  Without fail.  She also likes old lady purses and oversized accessories.  Read more about her here.

20151024_082518This is Amos.  He’ll be 2 in May and doesn’t leave home without his pacifier.  He’s our observer, has the best laugh, and loves a good snuggle.  He also only eats oatmeal, yogurt, spaghetti, poptarts, and cake.  I’ve never had a more picky kid than him.  Read his story here.


Rounding us out is sweet Porter.  He joined us May 28, 2016 after just 6 or so hours of labor.  He loves to rock, have his pacifier close by, and sit in the sunshine.  Give him some time and he’ll have a bigger section eventually.  Until then, you can read about him here and now here.